October 29th 2015

What are the odds What are the odds that I ended up here, out of all of the places I could have been  What about falling in love with the feeling of falling in love  The “what ifs” of every situation kept me so sedated from actually living in the moment I began to get […]

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Photography Journey #001

Seriously considering taking up photography and seeing how that works out for me as a new hobby, all are previous iPhone pictures I’ve taken, any and all feedback, hints, tips and constructive criticism are welcomed. Any input on a good starting dslr model and make would be very appreciated, also whether to go the new […]

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Can you see the stars from Hell? 

Hate those relationships where you lose yourself in another person, not in a good way either, the ones where you slowly become bitter and overweight just settling everyday, drifting further and further away from happiness, just slipping between the cracks of society and life, where most of us end up.  Bad relationships are dead-end jobs. […]

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