i love u (short story #1)

I remember the day so clear 

The rain poured heavily 

The memory engraved into my existence like a lover’s initials in a charm
My wait for her was cut short at the sound of my car door opening and her umbrella casually tossing rain water in every direction as she went to take a seat in the passenger side of my vehicle.
A smile had found its way to my face in her presence. “Hello” I said, holding back any anticipation of what was to come that might have been found in my voice. My hello was met with a soft kiss on the cheek by her and an equally obligatory greeting echoing the same five letters as I a moment ago. 
You must understand my love for this woman runs deeper than any abyss that can be found in the ocean, canyon or sea. I would have never done anything intentionally to hurt her…until today. Today, vengeance filled my heart and overflowed, my heart having only one objective and that was to cause the one that I loved the most, the most pain possible. 
My eyes met hers as I prepared myself mentally for what I was about to do. I was uncertain if this was a road I was fully committed to take, because once traveling this path, there was no turning back. 
I readied myself. My left hand slowly sliding towards the window and car door lock, I firmly pressed both, to which the sound of the locking mechanism alerted her and drew attention towards me. I was instantaneously met with her asking “What are doing?” 
Please understand that I had to hurt her and not leave the job unfinished. She must suffer for the entirety of the imminent inevitable attack that I had meticulously planned for weeks. I went over the scenario thousands of times in my cerebral, calculating every possible resolution after the climax. 
“You deserve this” was the three words I chose to string together for a reply. What looked to be only panic and confusion had possessed her facial expression, leaving her at a loss for words. Scanning around, looking for clues as to possibly finding an answer to the question of what was going on, she fixed her eyes on my tools protruding from the center console. Shear terror took over as she began to compare my most recent statement against the tools which were an empty Taco Bell bag and empty White Castle cardboard burger casings, that could have no other purpose than to cause another human being pain, but it was too late.
She quickly scrambled for a way out but I was prepared. Childproof locks on every door save for the driver side, she was in my possession to do as I saw fit.  
Then, I felt it inside of me, gripping, clenching for a way out.
It had began, there was no escape, no surrender. 
Me gripping, and you slipping from the tight clench of my crevice.  

You slowly seeping out of my soul

And then suddenly, I just let go…
I left her in the car with my fart, to suffer, nothing could survive in an “enclosement” with the beast that was released from the nether regions of what could only be Hell itself. 


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