Fire in the sky

Long, long ago, in a time where my dearest one wasn’t even thought of and where I had never thought of being conceived, there were majestic Indians that roamed the skies. Their beds were clouds and a simoleon didn’t even exist. See these Indians were so calm and patient, they would even fletcherize their meals in such a manner that you would think food to them had been immortal. One day my great great grandfather suddenly looked up to the sky when the waters had been so wild, that he witnessed the greatest spindrift coming from the ocean that gave him every ability to see. He eventually spoke with the great ones, and they made a deal, a deal that my ancestor would break.  He married the chief’s daughter, Abhidi, they were madly in love ,but her sister Advika had been furious with jealousy and rage. She wanted to marry  Grandfather Sabin but couldn’t because she was much too young. But she eventually got her wicked way and conceived a child behind Abhidi’s back. This child grew up to be such a threat to their paradise that he broke the womb of Abhidi’s unborn child . Luckily the child lived growing up to be known as Taurean the great. She brought everything to life. But Advika’s son despised this and struck Taurean’s heart causing her to burst into flames. But the Chief did not think it was fair to let her burn for the rest of eternity. Advika’s first born Nishith would be held responsible for what he did and suffered lonely nights shining down on the ground while Taurean had the gift to bring harmless flames across the skies and shined on the human race. She was able to see their bright smiles as hey brought their young ones to the earth and Nishith suffered the loss and mourned the loneliness of the night. 


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