The chills

There’s nothing better than seeing your face. You have this effect on me that I can no longer bear. I walk in “ding” that sets my heart skipping a beat for I know you will forever bring me down memory lane . However, the love I have for you is temporary internal. Externally I can stare at you all day . You set me off on a daze that I can’t shake off. I wonder as to how you stay up and going daily in this busy, loud, aggressive cosmopolis. You’re a beautiful sight to see yet no one knows these beautiful four walls inside and out have a great history. . Well for one, I’ve left my spirit here so there’s no where for me to go, which is why I can never tire of the “ding” . That is the sound that keeps me alive. This shows me how the human race will view my historic possessions . You see, I can never die, although it has been said that I’ve been left to die or maybe Even alienated to the world; I am never allowed to leave this space here.  For I am stuck with it . I am a living testimony when it comes to selling souls. For I have a secret to tell, it goes like this:
One, two,three,maybe four,

How many beauties will walk through that door? 

I have little to none 

To eat

 so let’s hope they come. 

I see how different they are shapes and sizes

But with each bite it surprises 

Me to the fullest I hope you can tell


Oh here comes another sale 

I wait patiently while they look around,

It’s time for supper! 

Then I’m hellbound. 


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