She sits there, completely silent, you see her quiet but loud innocent eyes; yet you see how fragile she seems to be.  So you take advantage and make her laugh, make her smile, make her trust in you . Then it’s time to go for the kill. You steal her intimacy with such tenderness she almost believes that you loved her . But in all actuality you’ve made her heart baren. Now it’s as if she’s gone from love. But she’s too beautiful for that tragedy to happen to her. See, she had been in a state of confusion. Once again she has confused love with lust. But who’s fault was it really ? I’m pretty sure you would expect her to take partial blame, but in all realistic angles, you’ve become the one she hates most. You’ve clouded her spirit of happiness. You’ve let her down one last time. She forgives you because she wants you close to her but deep down in the stormy oceans beneath her chest in her blood pumping heart, it’s wrath that rattles her rib cage. You’ve become the enemy. You’ve become the next step to bitterness. You showed her what the devil is. Your eyes, milk chocolate brown deceive her. You’ve beared a new life with someone else but yet continue to make her feel like she’s got a place in the little world she so badly wants to be apart of. But in the end, you’re doomed. She is moving on, finally. She sees life as a new canvas. You are no longer apart of those colors she decides to blend in with. For she has made them her own and now? She’s going to paint for the rest of her life. Close your eyes and really look deep down within yourself, you’re as hallow as a hallowed pumpkin. You have nothing inside. She had puppy eyes for you day in and day out, and yet that meant nothing to you . Today she wished death upon you but took it back because she knows how dangerous Karma really is . But she has not one prayer for you . She’s prayed for you enough. Not one of those prayers came true. Maybe it was for good reasoning. But she does know this, you are as unique as any of them come. You’ve got the face of a baby, almost an angel, you’re love making skills have set her on a trance. But the sand has reached the other end. TIMES UP. You’re dead to her. The sacrifices she has made for you, she wishes she could have taken them all back but that is what lessons are for. You’re her biggest regret. You always made her go above and beyond for you and now she will be extremely cautious with the next one coming into her life . All thanks to you. So are you proud of yourself?  Your Jr has so much to look up to . I can name all of the lessons he can ever learn from you. 

1) how to be a dick

2) how to be hallow

3) how to be a sick bastard and take life from another person by playing tag with a female’s heart and soul.

4) to make love to her body but not her mind and not really love her for her, but to love the feeling she gives you over her beauty of her personality

5) to lie

6) to not be a man

7) to come up with excuses

8) to laugh at broken hearts

9) to get bored of females

10) To be a lost cause.


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