Dear Relationship,

To whom it may concern, I ask for a lot of things, but being a detective is not one of them. I am used to the tricks and how quick you can flip the script to “why were you even looking when you said you trust me?” See that’s where you’re wrong, I trust that […]

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Not so never never land.  

​Looking forward that’s what the world teaches us, continuously, non stop, everlasting. Looking forward is the cure for people who love to stay in the past. But me? I choose to do neither. I can stay here all day. This very image shows you the kind of heart I have. The long road forward. But the only […]

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Relationships might not be for me

Relationships are equations with entirely too many variables. There’s you, me, your ex, mine, your parents, relatives, friends, strangers, potential soulmates… How did we end up together? Nothing last forever, yet we have this idea in the first chapter of us that this story is never ending. Is love the glue that holds our book […]

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