Everytime I text you, you talk about absolutely nothing

Conversations about 

nothing, going nowhere fast

at the speed of light

Idk like it’s crazy how you had this billionth of a chance of being born, got passed that, could have died from almost anything along the way, collected experiences and memories, these memories and experiences made you, then it’s like you get sucked into these ideas put into ur head by everyone else saying what u should do, how to love, live and just accept whatever everything is, and I barely can have a conversation outside of a few people about anything important, the irony that social media has a bunch of everyone close to you being sucked into the idea of something, rather than actually living that something, and it’s like the older I get, the less interesting almost everything and almost everyone is becoming, because you can expect the same response to the same situations from everyone, there are no more random roadtrips, no more staring at the stars just because, or anything important anyone has to say, and it’s coming from everyone that you spend the most time with, I feel my soul slowly being drained and I’m fighting it, but idk how long it’s going to last…what’s attempting to be involved with anything interesting other than a bunch of people who talk about doing amazing things but never actually do them 


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