Not so never never land.  

​Looking forward that’s what the world teaches us, continuously, non stop, everlasting. Looking forward is the cure for people who love to stay in the past. But me? I choose to do neither. I can stay here all day. This very image shows you the kind of heart I have. The long road forward. But the only difference between myself and others is I have no clue on how to control all of my emotions at once. I let them wander, for they make me what I am. This road takes you back to the mother planet but it never ends for me, see, the smoke carries different aromas of my love, of my pain, of my fear, of my anger, and of myself overall. Whispers come from the sidelines, as the smoke gets thicker and more intoxicating, you can’t help but wonder “how does she keep all of this inside of her small being!?” My secret is the unknown. See you all suffer from the unknown except for me.  I walk towards the unknown with bright knowledgeable blind eyes (notice the contradiction). I say blind because that is expected from an ordinary person. When you let your emotions and mind wander freely, that is considered to be a major threat. A plethora of individuals would say to you, “it’s good to let your mind rest! You can keep calm.” I cannot. I will not. I may not. For my mind is not something that should be put in an abeyance.  Pausing is when you put your self at risk. Your vulnerability is at a high. So therefore I continue to walk, drive, glide, crawl, and sit up and down this eternal road. I will continue to let my smoke come from under and rise above on the sidelines, for those little ashes that come from the fire within me show you who I really am, once these pulverulent ashes are in your hands, they will take a form of a slideshow, or even a flip book animation. The ashes will show you my hardships and my imagination. They shall speak to you about my legacy, how I break mold just by looking at it. When I am within 10 feet of you, your body will being to vibrate with massive inspiration and visions. So I dare you to take a walk down this road, for you will not only find my story, you will make one of your own . 


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