Whose mans is this?! Fax Only B 

So I’m aware that the devil is out to get me, but I have a few things to do before I die.

I have this magnum opus book idea brewing, and I need to get on that swiftly.

Also have to create a writing portfolio to continue moving up in paid writing.

2 different website ideas

Dabbling in photography

Must build a PC soon

I often wonder what it genuinely feels like to be wealthy and contort the rest of your time on this earth virtually anyway you see fit. 

Random things I’ve noticed:

The people around you are mirrors

Don’t put your plans on hold for another person, the main character in your story is you, don’t get sidetracked by a sidekick

There is no city greater than New York, the talk, the walk, and the role model for every other peasant skyscraperless place who doesn’t understand the importance of a fresh pair of wheat constructs … and it’s pronounced “houze-ton” for you out of towners 

Relationships are nothing to ever center your universe around, people come and go, pizza is forever, word to Tumblr

Negativity is cancer, remove it from your life

You may want and believe something to go a certain way, but just like you have plans for life, life has plans for you

Never trust anyone who has tattooed their own name on themselves

Travel a lot

Hoodies are clothes that hug you back

Laugh everyday

Don’t have a “trend personality”, chasing to emulatr everything you deem “dope” only makes you a carbon copy vapid individual 

Free Max B

There’s no reason to ever be bored on this earth, feeling bored? Go investigate 

Make fun of everyone and everything, don’t have a stick up your ass

Go look at your grandma, that sweet innocent old lady you love was doing the nasty at one time, stop coveting imagery and ideas of people and live with them while they’re here before they’re gone

Major corporations are bidding to control you, stop agreeing to give up your privacy to use the newest social media filter, it’s not that serious

Cell phones are the new tv when it comes to time wasting, people have been judging how other people spend their time for centuries, 

1900s “your face is always in that book, when are you gonna spend real time with me”

1990s “your face is always in that tv, when are you gonna spend real time with me”

2016 “your face is always in your phone, when are you gonna spend real time with me”

2050 “your face is always in your genetically infused simulation device, when are you gonna spend real time with me” 

…. just kidding in 2050 we will all be dead because humans could care less about the upkeep of a planet when there is money to be made 

Don’t think I’ll ever become vegan because bacon is a religion

Cable is dead

People rather be absorbed with fictional characters on movies and tv rather than live their own life, I hear so many people asking opinions of fictional scenarios regarding fictional characters on tv, how much time are you spending of your non-fictional “real life” on fictional shows? 

How another person feels about something(within reason i.e. Peadophiles) doesn’t give you the right to disrespect them 

Fuck being politically correct 

Offending you is breaking the “feelings law” not the actual law, all time habitual offender 

As much as you say you don’t judge people, you do

Chinese take out is amazing

Food is amazing

Titty sprinkles

That’s all for now


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