The future and I 

Honestly don’t have too much to look forward to… 
The model that preceded me is

Boy meets girl

Boy calls girl bitch

Bitch gets pregnant 

Boy breaks up with bitch

Boy bitches about bitch

Boy pays child support to bitch

Girl repeats process again looking for love from a man

Somewhere inbetween there is beer, sports, and a divorce 

A repetitive mundane job that just gets you by barely

Some how as a manager you have a lot of responsibility but not a lot of money to go along with the responsibility and you can’t even manage your own personal life

Meanwhile half of everything coming in supports a miserable carbon copy of yourself, the rest goes to trying to drown out all the noise in your existence with alcohol, and oh yeah the rent is due, but you don’t actually own it when you’re done paying, day in day out, you’re going to die like this 
Happy legacy 

I don’t have much to look forward to 


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