2 sentence scary story

Turning the key to enter my home, I heard a voice from around the side of the house say, “don’t go in, they’re all dead.” As I turned my head in the direction of the voice, whatever was staring at me from the blinds inside my house rushed back to anticipate me opening the door. 


Innocent beauty. 

This picture gives me so much hope, it’s just incredulous. And so we begin.

Beauty is wrapped up into a lamp, the lights from the sky shine down on this land and it becomes a safe haven Like the colossal moon, it brings down such a dimming but bright light. (What an oxymoron.) But when you look at it close enough you begin to see patterns, as well as things. So if you look closely you’ll see in the middle of the sky, there’s a purple entrancing light, but it’s accompanied by black and white fluorescence as well, notice how these two (white and black) are bound by each other by that purple intergalactic light. There’s nowhere they can move or go, the true definition of ying and yang . The black side looks like it’s stretching an arm or two out and the white is just as calm as a pond. 

So my lesson every day is to look for different things and patterns in pictures, in art, in life because you’ll never know what you may find! Keep your eyes open and your mind will become a portal of numerous details that you have installed just by analyzing the true innocent beauty of art. 

And then something beautiful happened…

When 2:30am is a religion, and you realize from the rooftop your eyes are fixed forever forward towards the sky,  you begin to fall in love with introspective inquiries like “who do I put this show on for?” Self-lead expeditions of inquisitions lead against your own heresy. 

Set me free, set me free.

More spiritual than a cigarette on a Saturday night, and a coffee on a Sunday morning. Caffine my contradiction, I need to slow down. Adrenaline my addiction, I need to slow down. Every pack my persciption, I can’t put these down. Where has hope gone? Stuck with its bastard offspring, hopelessness, borne from my own bereavement after a short fling with happiness, I wish the worst for this child of mine, because it wishes the worst for me, we are one.

Almost perfect, but for how long? 
An American dream, what did u sell me?

The funky era aka my playlist

  1. The Stylistics- you make me feel brand new
  2. The Temptations- Beauty’s only skin deep
  3. The Chi-lites- Have you seen her 
  4. The O’Jays- Love train
  5. Smokey Robinson- Ooh baby baby
  6. Aretha Franklin- (you make me feel like) a natural woman
  7. Patti Labelle- on my own
  8. Cher and sonny- I got you babe
  9. The Spinners- I’ll be around
  10. The Four Tops- baby I need your lovin’
  11. The Persuaders- Thin line (between love and hate)
  12. Aaron Neville- Tell it like it is
  13. James Brown- this is a man’s world
  14. Etta James- all I could do was cry
  15. Martha & The Vandellas- heatwave 
  16. Heat Wave- always and forever
  17. Stevie Wonder- Master Blaster
  18. Martin Gaye- what’s goin’ on
  19. Diana Ross- come see about me 
  20. Gladys Knight and The Pips- midnight train to Georgia
  21. Al Greene- love and happiness

    I strongly encourage people to listen to most, if not all, of these songs. . The message coming from each and every one of them is just simply amazing. Music isn’t made how it used to be made . Today’s music couldn’t be compared to yesterday’s.  Hope you all enjoy. 

    Enter your soul already ! You’ll be fine!!!! 

    See this entrance right here ? Hmm… honestly I don’t know where to begin with this .. I have so much to say, all these subtle thoughts want to come out all at once making me sound so boisterous. .. but it’s cool .. I’ll try my hardest to get to the point. 

    Entering your soul is supposed to be all types of rugged .. not many can say, that finding themselves was an easy task .. because I’m sure as hell it ain’t.  But realizing who you are as an individual is the best thing that could ever happen to you .. no one can tell you who you’re supposed to be or what you should do in life because your feet are firmly planted onto this earth’s ground . 

    So the picture is supposed to represent your soul, yourself, your very own being .. your conscience I guess you can say. . Imagine how dangerous you might think crossing this little wooden rope bridge is (which it might be but hey, if it isn’t daring it isn’t fun right? ) but that’s how life is .. it’s dangerous on every corner you go .. doesn’t mean you should live in fear . Imagine falling in love, it’s the same exact thing ! You’re scared to give your heart because you’ve been hurt before or maybe you just have straight up trust issues (nobody’s judging here) but you still find yourself caring about that specific person, you’re gonna cross that bridge anyways.

    Becoming your very own better half is the main component of life. . One of the main ingredients to your soul, love, education, intellect, as well as love and self respect all come into play when it breaks down to becoming food for yourself am I right ? 

    Now that picture up top, that’s the end result of achieving every goal you have . The bright beautiful ending . Not everyone gets it everyday, but at some point in time, it’ll be there waiting for you to cross the bridge .. no matter how much fear you may have, the lights will shine bright enough for you to notice, you’re so much farther than you were when you took your very first step in achieving what you wanted to achieve.

    The undying love of becoming well traveled

    Everyone wants to be happy. 

    Everyone wants to be content.

    Everyone wants to bask in the sounds of laughter. 

    But the lingering question here is “How do I get there ?”


    1. Stay hungry my friends. 
    2. Stay hungry for life, the different types of people, things, and places, that make life much more satisfying. Go look for things to investigate, go look for places that give you amazing vibes, go meet people you can learn from, and go go go eat food !!!! 
    3. Make a travel journal or find one. (Amazon and Ebay has a billion gazillion of them but it’s so much better if you make your own)
    4. Write what you seen, who you met, where you went, what you ate, and what you plan on doing . It’s almost like therapy. We’ll all get the hang of it pretty soon. 

    Soon enough if you continously find different things to do, there’s no telling where you might end up afterwards, maybe in Greece with Yaya, or Puerto Rico with the jibaros, probably, Indonesia with rhinos, orangutans, elephants oh my ! Maybe, just maybe in Hawaii to learn what ohana really is and to touch a Kehlani. 

    Either way my goal is to stare at a blanket of stars under the night sky in every country I plan to go to. 

    Hopefully, everyone can find their own little or big goal they want to achieve in a different place. .. or places.

    2 sentence story🎃

    While greeting the driver, I was impressed entering the empty school bus with dried blood effects on nearly every seat and throughout the inside, it was about time a halloween tour guide go above and beyond for their customers. I heard the doors slam shut as I received a text from my date asking where was I, the bus was full and the tour was about to start with or without me.  


    Follow me into the abyss, drown your dreams and then yourself, be baptized by all things unholy under the water, but… if you aren’t afraid, I promise you will grow gills if you feel you need them, if you believe, a new world awaits, take my hand and don’t fear death. Your dreams will meet you there, your body too, and everything you’ve feared from the mirrors in the river will be at your command, and nothing will be impossible.  

    American Travel Café

    It’s not narita, not yet
    The days fade and the memories stay
    the weeks grow longer, love stronger, stretching farther
    I pray ill-will never find sanctuary in our unordinary accordance 
    I love the feeling like I shouldn’t,
    And when I looked up I could see that my life had become so crowded and I was in a different place than before 
    I know you believe I don’t pay attention to you unless you have your clothes off, 
    I take you to places you’ve never been, while you take me to places I can never go
    Laughing together, learning together 
    I need to live before it’s too late and everything is lost.
    A very ugly soul from around the way found its way home
    It in I, and I in you, possessions 
    How long have you been in love?

    I’ve been in love for quite some time now 
    She is my fantasy 

    I am her reality 
    What’s the order of the city
    Prayers and slayers 
    Maybe a lot of other people do have these conversations we covet so much, and maybe the only reason they’re so special is because they’re between us 
    Feel the love fade 
    I love you like I love the city
    Always on my mind