2 sentence scary story

Turning the key to enter my home, I heard a voice from around the side of the house say, “don’t go in, they’re all dead.” As I turned my head in the direction of the voice, whatever was staring at me from the blinds inside my house rushed back to anticipate me opening the door.  […]

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2 sentence story🎃

While greeting the driver, I was impressed entering the empty school bus with dried blood effects on nearly every seat and throughout the inside, it was about time a halloween tour guide go above and beyond for their customers. I heard the doors slam shut as I received a text from my date asking where […]

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Follow me into the abyss, drown your dreams and then yourself, be baptized by all things unholy under the water, but… if you aren’t afraid, I promise you will grow gills if you feel you need them, if you believe, a new world awaits, take my hand and don’t fear death. Your dreams will meet […]

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American Travel Café

It’s not narita, not yet The days fade and the memories stay the weeks grow longer, love stronger, stretching farther I pray ill-will never find sanctuary in our unordinary accordance  I love the feeling like I shouldn’t, And when I looked up I could see that my life had become so crowded and I was […]

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