Pearl and Neptune. 

Fingers, toes, bodies, all combined into one. 

Lying down together looking forward to what needs to be done . 

Eyes, ears, mouths, tongues collide.

Bringing each other an intense feeling deep down inside.

She reaches towards the pillow for the screams she needs to bare

He seeks slowly with his curious fingers yearning to pull her hair.

She begins to hyperventilate, knowing he’s taking his time with each and every stroke.

Her moans are like satin, it makes him want to choke.

So much excitement but there’s only but so much they can do.

He begins to slow down, so they can continue to pursue.

His goal is to reach the highest peak, knowing she’s able to handle that much 

His tongue starts to slither more down, with the most wetest sweetest touch. 

She quivers with joy, happiness and pride, 

While he continued what he started he begins to slide

Deeper and deeper he goes while she shakes with pleasure

With knowledge that it needs to come to an end the climax is the best treasure 

Before it ends they both go to wash each other off

She goes back and forth from staring at stars and staring at her goff. 

Dried, relaxed and satisfied, they soon drift away into a deep sleep 

“Don’t worry tomorrow it’ll be continued, so don’t make a peep.”

She’s content with this information so excitedly she slips away 

He stares at her body, because he must leave it astray. 

His melancholic frown begins to show

For he must go back to where he came from, this planet is far too low.

Tomorrow he’ll come back as he promised 

But here with her, lying naked and vulnerable is when he’s the most calmest.


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