Life is very much taken for granted.  

Standing alone in silence listening to the little twinkles that nature gifts us with, sometimes we too, take the many beautiful wet worlds for granted. Fortunately there are others who don’t. For instance horses, cattle, maybe even little rana temporarias (common wildlife frog from ireland). I often ponder, what happens when no one, not even those who walk amongst us with four legs or even wings, is there? This mystery is something that baffles me. I believe we all take a lot of things for granted such as the early morning, and late night skies, stars, food even, etc; what would happen if we didn’t?  Would this world be a better place ? Would it trickle down to us visiting these places on a daily? Viewing the prestigious landscapes or even respecting it that much to walk on the green mossy grasses, get a better experience of what this land really has to offer. My point is, taking things for granted and staying in the “norm” is such a total waste. Live a little. Love a lot. Learn so enormously that you have no more brain cells to fill because they’re all taken up by so much knowledge that you have obtained. 


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