Locals vs. Visitors 

My name is Felisha (like “bye Felicia”) I. Perez, Puerto Rican, twenty years young, and I am a proud “Elizabethian” lol… if that’s even a word .. if not then I guess I can consider myself an inventor of a new word . Where I’m from people love to express their devotion towards Elizabeth by singing a “jersey club” song “Where you from!?” “East Wick !” As we locals like to call it . I’ve seen this town go in so many directions, good, bad, happy and the sad . But all in all I’m grateful for my city, it’s filled with so much diversity and variety. See there’s so many cultures that reside here (African American, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Italian, Cuban, Hatian, Indian, Columbian, even White; but that’s just a handful of cultures from the top of my head… I’m pretty sure there’s more.) like any other city, but the difference here is that we’ve got each other’s backs. Almost everyone knows everyone and next door businesses that are supposed to be in competition help each other. The only downfall here is this city is somehow corrupted… it’s changed a lot from what it used to be, the streets used to be safe, but to be completely honest, everywhere is like that nowhere is really safe. But I’m okay with that. Okay no I’m not, but in the end I’m still humbled enough to say my city will see better days. But let’s get back to the basics… or at least the goal of this blog.

This is Elizabeth Avenue at night or as us locals like to call it “the Avenue of cultures” (pardon the glares from the lights, but I still consider it to be irrevocably beautiful, but that’s just me.) There’s Elizabeth pizzeria, Coltons Pharmacy, Greek Cave amazing gyros and burgers, Yoly’s Cuban cuisine most famous for their Cuban sandwiches, El Carbonazo. (All of which are in midtown Elizabeth Avenue) (Going downtown now) there’s El palmar, Maria’s sewing shop awesome with any type of clothing she can literally fix anything, Alvarez Café has amazing coffee in the morning when you need to wake up, Mara bakery my childhood sanctuary especially gingerbread cookies, red flower best Chinese take out you could ever have, last but most importantly not least, Arthur Kill river also known as “the port” to us locals. The unfortunate part about all of this beauty is that these locals take it for granted, they see this city deemed damaged, but I beg to differ… I guess I’m cursed with the observing  eyes of a visitor or as the locals call them “outsiders”, and stuck with the slang dictionary knowledge and language of this city. 


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