American Travel Café

It’s not narita, not yet
The days fade and the memories stay
the weeks grow longer, love stronger, stretching farther
I pray ill-will never find sanctuary in our unordinary accordance 
I love the feeling like I shouldn’t,
And when I looked up I could see that my life had become so crowded and I was in a different place than before 
I know you believe I don’t pay attention to you unless you have your clothes off, 
I take you to places you’ve never been, while you take me to places I can never go
Laughing together, learning together 
I need to live before it’s too late and everything is lost.
A very ugly soul from around the way found its way home
It in I, and I in you, possessions 
How long have you been in love?

I’ve been in love for quite some time now 
She is my fantasy 

I am her reality 
What’s the order of the city
Prayers and slayers 
Maybe a lot of other people do have these conversations we covet so much, and maybe the only reason they’re so special is because they’re between us 
Feel the love fade 
I love you like I love the city
Always on my mind


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