The undying love of becoming well traveled

Everyone wants to be happy. 

Everyone wants to be content.

Everyone wants to bask in the sounds of laughter. 

But the lingering question here is “How do I get there ?”


  1. Stay hungry my friends. 
  2. Stay hungry for life, the different types of people, things, and places, that make life much more satisfying. Go look for things to investigate, go look for places that give you amazing vibes, go meet people you can learn from, and go go go eat food !!!! 
  3. Make a travel journal or find one. (Amazon and Ebay has a billion gazillion of them but it’s so much better if you make your own)
  4. Write what you seen, who you met, where you went, what you ate, and what you plan on doing . It’s almost like therapy. We’ll all get the hang of it pretty soon. 

Soon enough if you continously find different things to do, there’s no telling where you might end up afterwards, maybe in Greece with Yaya, or Puerto Rico with the jibaros, probably, Indonesia with rhinos, orangutans, elephants oh my ! Maybe, just maybe in Hawaii to learn what ohana really is and to touch a Kehlani. 

Either way my goal is to stare at a blanket of stars under the night sky in every country I plan to go to. 

Hopefully, everyone can find their own little or big goal they want to achieve in a different place. .. or places.


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