Enter your soul already ! You’ll be fine!!!! 

See this entrance right here ? Hmm… honestly I don’t know where to begin with this .. I have so much to say, all these subtle thoughts want to come out all at once making me sound so boisterous. .. but it’s cool .. I’ll try my hardest to get to the point. 

Entering your soul is supposed to be all types of rugged .. not many can say, that finding themselves was an easy task .. because I’m sure as hell it ain’t.  But realizing who you are as an individual is the best thing that could ever happen to you .. no one can tell you who you’re supposed to be or what you should do in life because your feet are firmly planted onto this earth’s ground . 

So the picture is supposed to represent your soul, yourself, your very own being .. your conscience I guess you can say. . Imagine how dangerous you might think crossing this little wooden rope bridge is (which it might be but hey, if it isn’t daring it isn’t fun right? ) but that’s how life is .. it’s dangerous on every corner you go .. doesn’t mean you should live in fear . Imagine falling in love, it’s the same exact thing ! You’re scared to give your heart because you’ve been hurt before or maybe you just have straight up trust issues (nobody’s judging here) but you still find yourself caring about that specific person, you’re gonna cross that bridge anyways.

Becoming your very own better half is the main component of life. . One of the main ingredients to your soul, love, education, intellect, as well as love and self respect all come into play when it breaks down to becoming food for yourself am I right ? 

Now that picture up top, that’s the end result of achieving every goal you have . The bright beautiful ending . Not everyone gets it everyday, but at some point in time, it’ll be there waiting for you to cross the bridge .. no matter how much fear you may have, the lights will shine bright enough for you to notice, you’re so much farther than you were when you took your very first step in achieving what you wanted to achieve.


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