Innocent beauty. 

This picture gives me so much hope, it’s just incredulous. And so we begin.

Beauty is wrapped up into a lamp, the lights from the sky shine down on this land and it becomes a safe haven Like the colossal moon, it brings down such a dimming but bright light. (What an oxymoron.) But when you look at it close enough you begin to see patterns, as well as things. So if you look closely you’ll see in the middle of the sky, there’s a purple entrancing light, but it’s accompanied by black and white fluorescence as well, notice how these two (white and black) are bound by each other by that purple intergalactic light. There’s nowhere they can move or go, the true definition of ying and yang . The black side looks like it’s stretching an arm or two out and the white is just as calm as a pond. 

So my lesson every day is to look for different things and patterns in pictures, in art, in life because you’ll never know what you may find! Keep your eyes open and your mind will become a portal of numerous details that you have installed just by analyzing the true innocent beauty of art. 


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