One of the most life altering statements I’ve ever heard in my life came from a childhood friend at a theme park, who I unfortunately have lost contact with. Age:12 Place: six flags Ride: free fall Person proposing the question: best friend at the time  HIM: “Why are you standing exactly where it tells you […]

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Butterflies part one 

Your laughter reminds me of cherry blossoms so pink and light I’m so pathetic for wanting to listen to you laugh all night. They hop up and down, within me, inside of me. They creep around when you’re near, they bubble inside me like the presence of fear. I’m excited to see this, but very […]

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The essence of sound 

The essence of sound is something that vibrates not only through your ear drums but through your body, soul and mind…  If you believe in that.. But to each his own Sound is something that catches you off gaurd .. it could easily be someone’s voice or maybe even a garbage can’s top clanking when […]

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Butterflies part two …

So I’ve come to the realization that these butterflies come from me, It’s something I feel not see. I mean you could definitely be the cause of it but I’m at fault too, Because there’s me, and then there’s, well.. then there’s you. I’m so flabbergasted by how I totally thought about this excessively, Because […]

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