The essence of sound 

The essence of sound is something that vibrates not only through your ear drums but through your body, soul and mind… 

If you believe in that..

But to each his own

Sound is something that catches you off gaurd .. it could easily be someone’s voice or maybe even a garbage can’s top clanking when it’s put on the can itself to keep it closed..  

sound is something that we all take for granted .. 

I can be accounted guilty for this, my favorite sound is when the fire snaps while burning the wood during a roasting of a marshmallow…or if you’d like me to get a little more specific, I like to hear people speak while they’re on the microphone and the fact that when they pronounce a word with the ‘p’ sound it comes out so aggressively, sort of like when a linebacker tackles someone.. but still and yet I still find it so fascinating.. it’s the simplest sounds that set you on a rampage.. but that is what matters the most . You like it so let it be … am I right ? 


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