One of the most life altering statements I’ve ever heard in my life came from a childhood friend at a theme park, who I unfortunately have lost contact with.

Place: six flags

Ride: free fall

Person proposing the question: best friend at the time 
HIM: “Why are you standing exactly where it tells you to stand on line for the ride?”
ME: “What?”
HIM: “You’re standing with your feet exactly on the two foot marks while you wait, why?”
ME: I took a look at how he wasn’t standing on the marks but comfortably perched on the gate next to his temporarily assigned spot in line to wait for his turn on the ride. I looked at him, then observed how everyone else in line , including myself, was subconsciously programmed to follow an implied order. My response was a short “oh” but I understood. 

And just like that, it was like a door had opened. 

Why follow rules to the T.

I believe that people in life are binary. You’re either a zero or a one. My theory, however; is better explained by dark(representing the binary number zero and the absence of light), or light(representing the binary number one and overall illumination). In life there are a sea of zeros, all clumped together, behaving alike in darkness. Now scattered in that dark void are little lights with varying brightness. These are the “ones”, they are so few and far between, but for some reason you’re able to spot them because of their illumination juxtaposed against the darkness, creating a great contrast. This is what I believe to be the cause or why, and how, we find the people in life that we cherish the most. This is how I believe I found all of the individuals that matter in my life. I’ve gravitated towards them because of their “light.” 


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