Dear Isidore (Izzy) Malanga; thank you .

This man in the picture above is someone I aspire to be one day. Such wisdom, such grace, and such happiness.

Quotes by Isidore Malanga:

“In life you must move on, no mater how hard it hurts, because sometimes I catch myself talking in my sleep speaking to my wife saying ‘no I don’t want anymore coffee’ but I forget she’s gone, she’s not there anymore, but I miss her.”

“Way back when we used to court I used to sit on the porches stoop in front of the house and 9pm was the time to go in, but I didn’t go until 10, we took everything slow; now it’s not like that anymore too much exposure and too much promiscuity, there’s no more true love out there and if there is, they need to hold on. Sometimes couples, especially married couples don’t reach the seven year itch in a marriage.”

“My wife and I went to school together and we already said that we would have four kids”

“My brother was stationed in Japan too.”

“I had 13 brothers and sisters including myself, I mean what do you expect ? (He laughs) they didn’t have TVs back then!”

Today I noticed the greatest gift of all; it’s life. There’s so much to do and most would consider it to be in such little time, but a lesson I have learned from new my dear friend izzy, is that time has no end when you’re a happy individual. Time bows down to you when you’re happy with yourself before your success.

 Love, it’s something that you must hold on to. Izzy loved his wife so much, the fact that he still sees her in his dreams is the definition of what love is. He misses her of course but just like a child lets go of their childhood best stuffed animal friend, they remember it as they grow older, the love will always be there. It’s funny speaking about it now on this blog but a friend once told me “memories are all you’re left with” sometimes it’s the memories that keeps us all alive. 63 years married to his wife and 72 years together in a relationship. GOALS!

Humor, he has a lot of it. I noticed him reading or at least that’s what he seemed to be doing,  but to my surprise, he had been making fun of the people in the magazine. He told me this girl looks like she could use 5 deep fried chicken legs, his face became so red. 

Listening, something a lot of people in this day and age don’t know how to do. I sit there and listen to Izzy tell me stories for hours and I couldn’t enjoy it anymore than I did. 

Smile. Smiling is the best thing you could do, it’s like the appetizer to your soul before you receive the full course meal of laughter. When he smiles, I feel that everything will be okay, just because he smiles so much. His raspy voice reminds me of a child telling secrets to you in your ear, you must go near him in order to hear him clearly but that’s the best part ! His eyes are waves from all the seven seas combined. The color blue can’t even think about competing with his topaz iris’.

Communication, is what Izzy is very good at, he makes me laugh every time he speaks due to the fact that he speaks with the eagerness of a child receiving a new gift. He spoke to my grandparents with such happiness and made sure he allowed everyone to feel included in the conversations he had.

Observation, he’s so good at that ! He looks at different objects in the room to remind him of the past so he’s able to talk about yet, another story, and I find it so fascinating

Before I left I had to take this photo, it’s like a thank you for myself and to him, myself because of being able to relate to him and being able to make him feel comfortable enough to share his life’s timeline with me. A thank you to Isidore because he has allowed me to see how much more living I have to-correction, I must do. 

December 15th, 1925 is the day that Isidore had been born. He’s 91 years old and is still kicking. What a bad ass to meet . 


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