The Chef

Disclaimer: male on male gay erotica sample If gay topics/situations offend, please do not read. I am not gay, sample is purely for measuring ability to write unfamiliar foreign topics.  — He was hot, and taller than I expected, this only enhanced the reward factor to the risk I was taking by being here, in […]

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The Ghosts of New York City

I remember the first time I finally managed to fall in love, it was with myself, then this idea, then you. Twisted love stories told by wilted magnolias down by the bodega on the corner. Your house on the hill is your top floor apartment, no one can see you cry up there, and if […]

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šŸŽ§ Free Music

Started writing for a new site under Elliot Wolf , the link contains all contact info, would appreciate the support and feedback, first article was on The New Toronto 2 Tory Lanez mixtape , hit the link and let me know what you think. 

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Caution, because having certain conversations can cause cancer to which there is no cure, every word poisoning your being, the ideology spreading through your mental until it consumes you, the lies becoming so intertwined in your DNA remembering who you were before becomes a task.

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No time for clothes in the house,  or anymore monday mornings in my life,  Always alive at so dead an hour Crypt walking I’ve got the blues, My eyes swell, the tears turn to blood,  Again I realize I’m just a jester looking for a king’s love These are my primary problems  In a world […]

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