The Chef

Disclaimer: male on male gay erotica sample

If gay topics/situations offend, please do not read. I am not gay, sample is purely for measuring ability to write unfamiliar foreign topics. 

He was hot, and taller than I expected, this only enhanced the reward factor to the risk I was taking by being here, in the bathroom of this Michelin star laden restaurant, on my wife’s anniversary, with him. 
I had been playing eye tag with this gift from God all evening ever since the time of my arrival, and now here he was, fixating his gaze on mine from across the room. This man was a master at making me not only aware of him, but also his intentions. I wasn’t afraid to slip under his spell because he was going slow, my mental wandering that followed was anxious, voluntary, and overly eager. Thinking of what could be, and could happen, right here, right now in this bathroom gave birth to the beginning of an erection. He began to approach me, eyes never leaving mine the entire time, his confidence was commanding my attention and was only rivaled by his wonderful scent. Tom Ford Noir penetrated the air as he drew within inches from me, the outline of his member well visible from this vantage point. I reached for his fitted black designer slacks in a cautious motion that was met by an instant smack that left my left ear ringing. “You do not make the rules here.”


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