Photography Feels #002

Planning to purchase a DSLR soon with the money made from writing.

Graduating from iPhone photography 


Puntin’ the almighty bucket….going .. going ..going…ITS GOOD!

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 

(Today 2/27/2017 – somewhere south responding to email for an interview with a print and online magazine to possibly write for them, currently have 2 paid writing positions) 
From the minute you are conceived, inherently you are beginning to die. Amazing world we live in right? Ready or not the timer on how long you have on this planet is ticking before you even are aware of an existence outside of an internal cavity in your mother. My personal speculation on why we aren’t classified as 9months old when we are born is because technically fetuses aren’t classified as human, but that’s another debate on ethics within itself(save for later). Since we are aware that we are living to die, why do we intentionally or unintentionally waste time not doing the things we really want to do? We wait our entire lives to retire to be able to do things we dream of doing only to arrive at the conclusion we are too old or too tired to care anymore. Being the age to retire means new problems you may have not had several decades ago. How many times have you heard a coworker retire after talking about traveling only to pass away a week after retiring. The joke is on you. Life literally stops for no one. Life does not care about your situation or well-being. Life can be your biggest adversary if you let it. Why wait until you’re full of arthritis and lung cancer to run along the coastlines of the beautiful beach in that beautiful country you’ve always wanted to be. The majority of regret from people who are old comes from not what they DID do in the past, but what they DIDN’T DO. The big “What If” will drive you insane when you know you let an opportunity for a different path in life to travel by you. Stability is important but “Seek opportunity, not security. A boat in harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I did not ask ….

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 

(Today: 2/26/2017)
There are numerous things that make me angry.

(1.People who block primary means of entering/exiting a facility with blatant disregard for anyone else)(2.People who ask (stupid)questions they either know the answer to or could have been solved with light research using minimal effort)(3.Incessant complainers) The list really does go on but over the years these “triggers” have declined. I’ve, through maturing, have been able to identify the characteristics of situations that trigger said rage in order to avoid them or deal with them properly. However, the “unwarranted advice/comments/suggestions” situation appears to occur rather frequently as of late, almost a little too frequently. If I personally do not ask you a question why are you answering me? If I do not initiate an inquiry why do you feel it is okay to bestow your perspective upon me? If I do not petition your participation, please do not feel free to chip in. I am not an advocate of anti-social behavior but I fully support speak when spoken to. Everyone has something to say about everything ALL OF THE TIME. This situation is made all the worse when people bravely and openly recite a anecdotal novel of incorrect information on a topic they know nothing about. This is 2014, there is google, libraries are free, the knowledge is out there if you care to look. If you don’t care to look, please don’t say anything, that would be your personal contribution to society and making it a better place. It halts the continuation of misinformation. Whenever you get the urge to share information please be observant of the questions you should ask yourself before 1. Would anyone care about what I’m about to say 2. Did anyone ask me to share this information? …. If the answer to both of these questions were no… SHUT THE FUCK UP

schrödingers mailbox

NOVEMBER 19, 2014 

(Today 2/25/2017) 
I hate mail, not mail as an entity but more the inherent attributes associated with it. To be more specific, I hate surprises when the odds are in favor of not being in my favor. This carries cross-platform from physical mail to email as well. I can only hope opening the box leads to something positive but more often than not, it’s bills, debt or the mandatory petition of my time or money from the local municipal courthouse. Sometimes I honestly wish I would receive a random packages from my past filled with tangible remnants my favorite memories. I want a boxfull of VHS tapes of my favorite movies, pictures of my childhood friends, chrome hubcaps from my dyno bicycle. Sometimes I feel like life moves too fast and before I get to savor “the now” it’s already the future which comes with no guarantees. So surprise, whether or not you wanted to open the mailbox, eventually you have to, and that alone is terrifying. Uncertainty with the chaser of no ability to choose I believe is a metaphor for life. You’re put here without asking to be here, you can’t go back, and you’re only option is to go forward. Everyone has to open the mailbox whether they want to or not.

Emojigeddon -first blog post 

NOVEMBER 17, 2014 
(Today: 2/23/2017 the emojis that are water guns now were actual gun emojis in the 2014 post and there were no diverse emojis in 2014 yet) 
We get it we get it, you gotta keep it 💯💯💯 all day everyday, but at what cost? As humans we condense and consolidate to the point we now communicate primarily through pictures to describe our emotions. It was only bound to happen right? History repeats itself and hieroglyphics were basically emojis for Egyptians🐪🐫🐪🐫. Has anyone died yet from carrying out a threat with emojis?🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪 I wish these niggas would respect my G they see me banging and set trippin wit these emojis. Don’t get it fucked up, a picture is worth a thousand words and these emojis will get your life took lil nigga. Personally I’m not a Stan when it comes to using them day to day, currently I average about 3-5 emojis a day and that’s pushing it. I’m hoping they do a study correlating low IQ and frequent emoji use to prove my point the more emojis you use personally the more likely it is you have nothing to say of any substance. And why are there no black emojis still? Shortage on brown pixels or subliminal Asian shade being thrown? Until this generation rides a new wave I guess emojis will be a staple in the way we text for years to come, stay verified young thugs and thuggettes✅

Interesting, what else ?

Have you ever been so hungry that your stomach starts singing to your ears ? 

I’m sure you have. 

The thing is here, my hunger is a little different from that particular hunger. 

I hear ticking in my head. My little ol’ head. It says tick tick tick tick, it’s a song that’s set on repeat and lasts Day and night. I can even hear it in my dreams. I call it, the ticking time clock. You see, the more I learn the faster it ticks. The more it ticks the faster my brain becomes filled with the yearning sensation of gaining new knowledge. 

I’ve always heard “you’re too curious”, “curiosity killed the cat!” I reply “and satisfaction brought it back” “don’t do that! You’ll end up hurting yourself!” “Be careful, you shouldn’t do that. You don’t know what’s there” 

The problem here is, I’ve always been a problem child. Growing up, I’ve always gotten reprimanded for every little thing I did, because I was too curious for my own good. I’m too smart for my own good. But I really can’t help it. Maybe if I explain myself a little better I could get the full point across ? 

When I see something new, I investigate. I look through the ins and outs of every single situation I put myself through whether it be good or bad, I always make sure I have a back up plan if my investigations go sour. Then I put it in my brain and go look for something else to discover. 

My problem is, I’m never content with the knowledge I receive. I’ve never been the type of individual to be happy to learn one thing at a time. I like to bombard my mind with things that are foreign to me and my brain so I can find some type of connection between the numerous things I’ve recently learned and it has happened before, well, pretty much all of the time. Sometimes I wonder if there’s only but so much learning one man and or woman can do. 

But then I answer my own question in the midst of thinking about a different answer; the world doesn’t have all of these countries, and languages to sit there and get looked at. They’re there for curious people that want the most out of their lives. It’s for those that crave the vibrations of a new language tickling their spine, for those that crave a new taste in their mouth, that yearn for a new place to have the sun beeming in their faces and the breath of new fresh air . 

It’s really bad isn’t it ? Hmm, I bet it is. But that’s okay. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only human being on the face of this earth that feels that way. Hopefully this makes you yearn for a ticking time clock in your head . 

Until then, I can only investigate and imagine what I’m going to see next ! 

We’re writing a book, that has nothing to do with this post 

I saw opportunity for a better life in her pussy so I came 

We could fuck for days. 

“Please impress me,”she said. 

Feeling stuck always has me questioning, could hell really be worse?

Passing feels around like STDs,
I’ve infected you with my mood I see. 

Screaming at the top of my lungs, you can’t control us, you won’t control us 

You invented the game, I’m just here to play 

Impatient, complacent, and unappreciated 

Orgasms being the closest I’ll get to starships

Six senses

Six dimensions 

Six sides to this story, you’ve got the devil in your eyes 

Unholy trinity 

So human, unable to comprehend more

So human, everything needs a name

So human, enlightenment frightens you

So much more to this world you call a home and yet you still only see the surface

The 7 wonders 

As Fleetwoodmac said “If I live to see the 7 wonders I’ll make a path to the rainbow’s end, I’ll never live to match the beauty again”

But where is the rainbow’s end exactly ? 

In my opinion, I’d consider every place you’ve never been, the rainbow’s beginning and end. Due to the many colors that you’ll be introduced to, the different cultures, different sceneries, different people! Life offers many ideas for each and everyone to grasp on to, but it’s up to you, to grab them . 

Road trips, plane rides, boat rides, walking, running, however you decide to get there, you shall, if you push yourself . 

Love comes in many different forms to the generality of the world; allowing yourself to see this will make everything so much more bonzer; letting go of what made you doubt yourself and those who had a great umbra over you, will show you how much power you really have over your life and your happiness. 

Begin to realize YOU are the answer to every problem as well as every solution, don’t you ever forget that. 

Take pictures, mentally and physically. You’ll begin to cognizant how beautiful the world is, and you can compare everywhere to.. well basically everywhere, just to see which place has the better scenery. 

Never stop ensuing to be a better you everyday! 
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Hedonistic Hymns of the Hood

As much love as I have for you unconditionally, why do you remind me everyday how much I should hate you, 

You owe me, dont try to do better than me, don’t do better than me, I’m not going to be happy for you, I promise, don’t leave me here, lonely, you promise? 
More fraudulent than their pre-distressed denim, to them it’s a religion, tru, but I’m losing mine everytime I look at you.
You never took those drugs,
 or went to those parties, 
you have no stories, 
your existence irrelevant in my universe.

Insecurity all around, you can’t find the importance in your existence but you can find it behind the brands on the nearest broad street,  new clothes for new haters, so many of them, who lost? 

Then we take pictures and smile in them. Are you really as happy as you look in the photo? 

Jesus stood next to Judas, moments immortalized right before your eyes, but make sure you know who you’re standing next to before they start shooting, pictures. 

So what are you into? “Making myself seem interesting on the internet”, in my own matrix I shush and outcast those who scream for Zion, because first, I need to take a selfie, and just my luck, the make up covers up my low sense of self-worth, connected to a cellphone the entire day, I didn’t think it was possible to be 2 places at once until now, we’re here, but your mind is there, creating this alternative reality right before more eyes, are you even real? 

Blew my chips on this bitch I went half on a kid with at an early age. What’s the difference between a few months and forever? Half of everything you have, peace of mind and precious time? Deals with the devil because of how I’m raised. I don’t control my feelings, they control me, so I have no accountability for anything I do. I see the ship sinking, I feel the water, but I rather throw a party than save myself. Raise, Rinse, Repeat. We won’t escape the same hell that gave us the motivation to leave, because even the devil has wings and demons inherently, so I wonder even though we’re stuck down here, were we at one point amongst the clouds in heaven? Maybe so long ago no one remembers? Live for the moment I guess. 

Is it or is it not ?!?

What I believe to be the causes of death are

  1. Procrastination 
  2. Lies
  3. Hate/ jealousy 
  4. Inconsistency 
  5. Lack of ambition 
  6. Self pitying 

All of these things allow people to stay behind and not progress in life, speaking of things that they wish and or want to happen, but don’t have the drive, ambition, passion, motivation, vision, and dream for it, will cause them to hate life. Believe me you, I’ve seen it first hand from friends I thought I would always have in my life. Apparently working hard for what they wanted was too hard, and they thought it was better to stay comfortable than to move forward as well as progress. 

If you allow it to happen to you willingly, just remember what you’re giving up . 

Keep pushing ! Keep striving !