I did not ask ….

NOVEMBER 20, 2014  (Today: 2/26/2017) There are numerous things that make me angry. (1.People who block primary means of entering/exiting a facility with blatant disregard for anyone else)(2.People who ask (stupid)questions they either know the answer to or could have been solved with light research using minimal effort)(3.Incessant complainers) The list really does go on […]

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schrödingers mailbox

NOVEMBER 19, 2014  (Today 2/25/2017)  I hate mail, not mail as an entity but more the inherent attributes associated with it. To be more specific, I hate surprises when the odds are in favor of not being in my favor. This carries cross-platform from physical mail to email as well. I can only hope opening […]

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Emojigeddon -first blog post 

NOVEMBER 17, 2014  (Today: 2/23/2017 the emojis that are water guns now were actual gun emojis in the 2014 post and there were no diverse emojis in 2014 yet)  We get it we get it, you gotta keep it 💯💯💯 all day everyday, but at what cost? As humans we condense and consolidate to the […]

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Hedonistic Hymns of the Hood

As much love as I have for you unconditionally, why do you remind me everyday how much I should hate you,  You owe me, dont try to do better than me, don’t do better than me, I’m not going to be happy for you, I promise, don’t leave me here, lonely, you promise?  More fraudulent […]

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Gone Days 

Often do I have to stop and ask myself, do I understand what’s going on? Then I go back into the world. A scurry here, and a scurry there, and then I realize I’m lost again in the precence of entities more interesting than I, where as I have no choice but to take seat […]

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