Gone Days 

Often do I have to stop and ask myself, do I understand what’s going on?

Then I go back into the world. A scurry here, and a scurry there, and then I realize I’m lost again in the precence of entities more interesting than I, where as I have no choice but to take seat in amazement. See when you see a star, you want to be a star, right away. All of the time it took to create such brilliance doesn’t matter at that moment.

I hope one day I’ll find everything that I’m looking for, I stopped trying to put everything I find into a bag, because beautiful things don’t belong in bags, but memories do, and I’ll keep them for as long as I keep this body, I know there’s a better place somewhere, and I don’t pray enough, or wish on shooting stars that much, but if I could have just one whisper answered, it would be to find you again, if there is an again, because it was so hard to smile before I met you, and I never want to stop feeling like how I feel now…. forever. 
(Painting by artist Leonora Carrington 1917-2011)


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