We’re writing a book, that has nothing to do with this post 

I saw opportunity for a better life in her pussy so I came 

We could fuck for days. 

“Please impress me,”she said. 

Feeling stuck always has me questioning, could hell really be worse?

Passing feels around like STDs,
I’ve infected you with my mood I see. 

Screaming at the top of my lungs, you can’t control us, you won’t control us 

You invented the game, I’m just here to play 

Impatient, complacent, and unappreciated 

Orgasms being the closest I’ll get to starships

Six senses

Six dimensions 

Six sides to this story, you’ve got the devil in your eyes 

Unholy trinity 

So human, unable to comprehend more

So human, everything needs a name

So human, enlightenment frightens you

So much more to this world you call a home and yet you still only see the surface


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