I did not ask ….

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 

(Today: 2/26/2017)
There are numerous things that make me angry.

(1.People who block primary means of entering/exiting a facility with blatant disregard for anyone else)(2.People who ask (stupid)questions they either know the answer to or could have been solved with light research using minimal effort)(3.Incessant complainers) The list really does go on but over the years these “triggers” have declined. I’ve, through maturing, have been able to identify the characteristics of situations that trigger said rage in order to avoid them or deal with them properly. However, the “unwarranted advice/comments/suggestions” situation appears to occur rather frequently as of late, almost a little too frequently. If I personally do not ask you a question why are you answering me? If I do not initiate an inquiry why do you feel it is okay to bestow your perspective upon me? If I do not petition your participation, please do not feel free to chip in. I am not an advocate of anti-social behavior but I fully support speak when spoken to. Everyone has something to say about everything ALL OF THE TIME. This situation is made all the worse when people bravely and openly recite a anecdotal novel of incorrect information on a topic they know nothing about. This is 2014, there is google, libraries are free, the knowledge is out there if you care to look. If you don’t care to look, please don’t say anything, that would be your personal contribution to society and making it a better place. It halts the continuation of misinformation. Whenever you get the urge to share information please be observant of the questions you should ask yourself before 1. Would anyone care about what I’m about to say 2. Did anyone ask me to share this information? …. If the answer to both of these questions were no… SHUT THE FUCK UP


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