Live life like you’re on vacation

(Written: February 5,2015) (Today March 25,2017) Hearing the word vacation evokes emotions that I’m pretty sure releases dopamine into your body. It’s life’s orgasm from the mundane. Is there anyone that doesn’t like vacation? How can you not like taking a break from deadlines and expectations from life? I wonder why more people actually don’t […]

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Real Men Hit Women

(In retrospect, this was my first “clickbait” headline and I didn’t even realize it, semi-rant) (Written: feb 3,2015) (Today: march 24,2017) If you were not born a man, DO NOT have a concrete definition on what being a man is, it’s that simple. You’re not a “real man” falls under many poverty bitch inspired mantras […]

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Sexual orientation: The myth

Written feb 1st 2015 Today March 20th 2017 As of recently there are 101 plus ways to classify what makes you get turned on. That’s not important. What is important is how much effort other people display in giving a fuck about what goes on in your life. What’s even funnier is how it’s typically […]

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Just saying thank you to everyone that sees our vision and reads/likes/comments/follows/shares, this blog started July randomly with no direction and in 2 months of 2017 the blog more than doubled its views than in the 6 months of its existence in 2016. So thank you! Keep reading and keep sharing! 

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What Love Feels Like

Written January 22 2015 Today March 16 2017 Love will always be intangible. We as humans need naturally try to make sense of everything we come in contact with so our brains can process certain concepts. I have this theory that my perception of what love is, is that it is intangible. It is one […]

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Dear Society..

November 21, 2014 Today March 1st 2017 May we discuss perspectives for a second? A particular brand of clothing, Supreme NYC, released a collaboration piece with The North Face recently this past Thursday. The target demographic that patronizes the brand had every opinion on each end of the spectrum from highly desirable to wouldn’t waste […]

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