Dear Society..

November 21, 2014

Today March 1st 2017

May we discuss perspectives for a second? A particular brand of clothing, Supreme NYC, released a collaboration piece with The North Face recently this past Thursday. The target demographic that patronizes the brand had every opinion on each end of the spectrum from highly desirable to wouldn’t waste their money. However, if you have ever purchased any article of clothing in real life, the envisioned fit opposed to the real life fit can be a long drastic bridge from what’s in your head, to what it looks like on you in real life. See, for everyone that doesn’t fit your standard suburban, 90% physically non threatening mold, the outcome of wearing anything possibly gang related for “fashion” purposes could lead to an entire different situation in the star-crossed world we live in. Brandon, whose parents live in pleasantville, usa can boldly wear a coat of this caliber in his neighborhood without a second thought, society accepts Brandon’s choice of self expression however he sees fit. Clap for Brandon. Jerome, who lives in brokenglassandabortedbabiesonthesidewalk, usa has to be a tad more selective in his choice of attire. Jerome personally may be a straight-A student and upstanding citizen but society is unfamiliar with Jerome. So society(police officer/gang member) may associate Jerome’s choice of jacket as offensive, even if Jerome only enjoyed the paisley design and color of the article of clothing. Society is inherently ignorant. Society feeds off of negativity and stereotypes. The equation cannot function without a variable, it matters who wears the coat. The police officer has already associated you with criminal activity although you aren’t a criminal. The gang member has already decided you are on the opposing side when he drove back the second time to shoot at you from his car. You can’t un-change either of these people’s minds. So when will it be safe for everyone to wear anything they want without the possibility of a misunderstanding from prejudging a person. No one really cares if you die once you die. You are a statistic in the census, a story on the news, a memory to friends and family, a “wow, that really happened” to strangers, suspension with pay to an officer, and stripes to an OG. What’s more important in life?


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