Philosophy on Failure

January 7th 2015

Today: march 4th 2017

“Lost time is never found (again)” – Benjamin Franklin. Wasted time is never salvaged. When you lose, you can either have one of two resulting outlooks. You either let the loser mentality soak in and you become the personification of the word “loser” or you learn from your loss. It’s amazing that we as flawed human beings believe we will never falter in our journey in life, so as a result we take certain steps to avoid rejection, losing, falling down and fucking up. We never ask that attractive person out, never pursue the dream career, never take that vacation we feel we deserve because we believe inevitably something will go wrong and we will have to deal with “I told you so” from other people. These “other people” are cancer. They throw nets of negativity hoping to drag anyone down within reach. The scary part is they can be anyone at anytime, even family. The devil isn’t going to knock on your door with bad breath, horns and red skin, because you wouldn’t even open the door would you? He is going to be in the best outfit with the biggest smile. It’s easier to kill someone who trusts you with their life, than someone who has their guard up. Your dreams, your goals, your aspirations are your life. Your life is going to have bumps, you’re going to break down, but it’s how you deal with it is ultimately going to determine how far you’re going to go to get to your destination in life. Personally I try to learn something new everyday. Life has shown me that it is an accumulation of everything over time rather than just waking up and having the world change for you on a whim. That is the case with anything great, it takes time, perseverance and endurance and failed attempts on the way.


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