Boxed water, glassed milk and The power of incessant suggestion

(Written FEBRUARY 10, 2015 ~ Today march 29 2017)
If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. – Voltaire 
Why do people who believe stupid things, pseudo sciences, and astrology. People will base their entire interactions with someone they have never met just based on their astrological sign. Why is that okay? Axial precession exists and the shift from the wobble has everyone’s designated signs thrown off, but tell that to someone who swears up and down the stars know their fate. People feel it’s okay to complain about the way someone does something but won’t make an active effort to contribute to fixing what they complain about. People are so fast to bash everything without giving any thought to anything. It’s crazy how many people give bad yelp reviews and never have eaten at that restaurant but only heard what their friend has told them about it. It’s crazy how people can make up stories about things that never happened so easily. Our generation thinks everything they don’t understand is trash. People are lazy. People want other people to tell them what they should be doing. People want medals and notoriety for doing absolutely nothing. It’s the reason why so many arts are diluted with garbage craftsmanship as of recently. We as a generation praise the extremely untalented just so “no one feels left out”. What that does is make people stop putting in an effort to do better to perfect the craft because if I do a half-assed job and get the same reward as if I actually worked hard, why would I ever work harder to get the same praise? Everyone suffers because you have the mediocre being celebrated as great when they are far from it. People also feel they can do no work and get results like they did the work. Instant gratification for everything. How many prude ugly fat people do you see today with the highest of standards? Everyone. It’s crazy to think you can be a sloppy 400 pound female and desire an in shape partner who is the man of your dreams, and deny anyone who doesn’t fit that criteria in your head. Everything is getting worse. The mentality of people is declining. Care, effort and practice are gone out of the window. The majority of this generation drove the English language to shit with slang. Slang is a derivative, how do you not know the basics of the initial language. The majority of men can’t change a tire and majority of females can’t cook. We’ve lost all bearings to the basics but feel like we are superstars for knowing absolutely nothing.


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