Pablo Escobar Picasso 

(October 5 2015) (April 18 2017) A kiss like this is the essence of existence…. Women like you just need hugs and drugs…. Look at “bullshit” creeping around the corner, I see you…. and I’m going the other way. Always a petition to get my attention, no we can’t be friends, aqquintences or anything of […]

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The kid that never was

(Written-September 28,2015) (Written-April 13th, 2017) Sometimes you just have to go with no direction and no plans purely just to wage war against stagnation. Tommorow has always been my problem, because when I get there, there’s always another one as far as I know. Days to weeks, weeks to months, months to etc… You understand. […]

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Eternal exchange 

Work harder when today doesn’t bring anything better than yesterday I think my problem is loving people who don’t love me back Let’s get really high together, I’ll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours I’m up right now, I’ll be down again  Beach kids really aren’t that different from street kids  Stare […]

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