6 cigarettes 

Photographs frozen in time, I fucked up If we break up, I’ll build another you I lie, I can’t.  My soul is tired from crying Fantasy and fiction Forever ago. I love you so I put my… I love you so invested my… I love you so much… Advertisements

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We are otivated by oney and aterialism the same way dogs are otivated by food, indless ovement, no control 

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Public School

I wonder why we never learned law in school  Algebra and geometry for most kids who just worry about getting an annual raise based on their performance at what’s really just another job, diapers aren’t cheap and I think she’s cheating, I’m not sure I wonder why they never teach us how to love, or […]

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Your dreams, sponsored by:

Cash ruins everything around me, its green get the money, corporations rule all. To be completely transparent, sports is not as exciting as it once was growing up, a lot has changed, and this is typically due to the amount of ridiculous rules that have been introduced over the years. You breathe on someone wrong […]

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Afraid to be who we really are This is beautiful  This is acceptable  This is the way things are That’s why you wear a mask and suit to hide the crazy right beneath the surface Sometimes I feel like I’m falling Sometimes I feel like I’m floating Warm sun Cold wind I love you

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