Your dreams, sponsored by:

Cash ruins everything around me, its green get the money, corporations rule all. To be completely transparent, sports is not as exciting as it once was growing up, a lot has changed, and this is typically due to the amount of ridiculous rules that have been introduced over the years. You breathe on someone wrong in basketball and it’s a foul. I grew up a 49ers fan, Steve young Jerry Rice days, and when I mean I loved every sport, I loved every sport. I knew every player on every team, this was the era you would find Kerry Kittles in the program for the starting line up at the continental arena, which brings me to the focus of this rant, the 2017-2018 NBA upcoming season. 

Humans have a way of solving problems and then creating more in the process. I understand that everything needs to evolve to survive but honestly for the sake of survival does corporate advertisement have to seep into every section of life? I’m truly sick of seeing name brand everything sucking the enjoyment out of everything left. Every special moment it seems is just another opportunity to be exploited by advertisement, and THAT SHIT IS EVERYWHERE. I’m not saying advertising doesn’t have its place, but lately it’s been out of control. For the NBA it’s going to start small with the patch, but pretty soon it will be littered like soccer jerseys. I don’t want to take my son or daughter to games to watch the New York Aquafinas because the New York Knicks or Yankees name and logo weren’t in the best interest of corporate advertisement. Sometimes you just have to say no in the interest of the brand of humanity. 


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