Waiting for my idols to die

As Saturday falls into Sunday I don’t want to be celebrated I want to be appreciated  I’m so anxious,  Millions of cells with a thought for each one  Who am I going to ruin my life over today And in what way And then I stop myself These were my younger years I don’t expect you […]

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The significance 

The significance of beauty is to realize it’s potential within yourself. The significance to love is to remind yourself daily as to what you’d like in return meaning, the respect that’s given towards one another, should be something that’s understandable, and a common ground, certain compromises that could also be compromised. The significance of life […]

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Ferris Wheel

Baby lets skip town… Baby lets skip town and see things we never saw before And do things we’ll never do again A place where no one at all keeps score  And knowing a friend of a friend is how we’ll get in Baby we’re going… Baby we’re going and I’m full of fright We […]

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No Anchors

I feel like sometimes life is full of tentacles and these tentacles are commitments that we attach ourselves to over time and throughout our lives. These attachments have the capability to weigh us down eventually. That’s every promise inked in blood, deeper and deeper into the mud you go. That’s not to say that all […]

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My observation of Faye

Her legs had a sort of dramatic touch around her knees, as if there’s too much muscle built around it. But I love it. It’s like she’s strong in her own way, with a certain specific body part of hers. Hypothetically I would’ve been all over her by this time, but it’s something about her […]

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The essence of an alleyway 

We were family, now we are food I love you but…  The rent is due and Rome is falling Pillars plummet  And villages pillage I’m in love. I don’t know if I’ll get to you in time, I pray on our future, while they prey on our past, memories into memoirs Please never forget me. […]

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