The significance 

The significance of beauty is to realize it’s potential within yourself. The significance to love is to remind yourself daily as to what you’d like in return meaning, the respect that’s given towards one another, should be something that’s understandable, and a common ground, certain compromises that could also be compromised. The significance of life is to remain humbled and fortunate to have all that you have, and appreciate the endless opportunities that you obtain to love yourself, and others so deeply. The significance of  forgiving is that you’ll never have to forget, you gain lessons everyday from every person you come across, and you grow the power to motivate yourself to become the better version of you, when you’re faced with dilemmas in life, big or small. The significance of taking kindness into consideration with any of the endeavors you run into with life, as well as people. The significance of silence when it’s your only solitude to redeem and feel yourself until every bit of stress is out of your way, even if it’s not an infinite moment. The significance to remind yourself that it’s better to love, than to fight. Last but not least, the significance to keep your mind balanced and to admit when your pride and ego get a hold of you. Coming to terms with someone else’s perspective is a great way to understand their point of view, instead of remaining narrow minded, and bitter. Understanding is hard, trying to push yourself out of your own comfort zone to understand is even harder. Hypethetically speaking, imagine if a lotus flower grew from dirt instead of shallow murky water, or mud, it would probably grow to bloom all at once as opposed to what it originally does, which is blooming pedal by pedal. It wouldn’t have such beauty to it, if it adjusted to dirt instead of mud and murky waters. Now conceptualize if an individual decided to grow like a lotus (hypothetically) there would be a better understanding between most individuals today. The significance of beauty is to realize it’s potential within yourself .


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