Reality checks in, consider it settled.

We all have a habit of getting out of hand, jumping the gun, and wanting things to happen a lot faster than they should.

Processing things in your head is a lot easier when you’re left to process things in your reality, fitting your circumstances.

It’s something we have trouble getting together, then our minds end up tricking us and we get tired, when we have barely gotten through the whole entire day.


You actually do have time.

Just not as much as you think.

Take a breath, allow yourself to feel your surroundings and start to plot on what should be done in order for you to have full control and dominance over your sanity and your future.


Set goals, FOLLOW THEM!

Pace yourself, sometimes you won’t get everything done in one day, so leave it for the next, (if you really can’t get to it, not because you don’t want to do it.)

Don’t take on too much that you know you can’t chew.

Take every day, well, day by day.

Keep the ones you cherish, up to date on how much you care about them, because I’m pretty sure there’s someone that loves you more than you might think they do.

(Hint hint)

Keep your home from clutter.

Your house is your sanity, your sanctuary and your thinking space as well as your peace.

No one wants to come home to a disgusting house after a long day at work, you leave work to come home, not to work more.

Kick your feet up, and think, think, think.

Think about where you want to go, what you want to do, and what you want and need to accomplish, you are your only exit.

Be gracious of all you have and know that things can always be a lot worse than they are now, and continue to plot on your future.

Everything will be okay, and everything will fall into place.



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