Neon Surprises 

What I expanded on today: different kinds of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, decentralization, art auctions, burn your bra, conversations you weren’t invited to, adult onesies, cognitive dissonance, indie movies, International (Seoul) Fashion, I’m an okay writer, John Malone candles, everything always has room for improvement, FOMO(fear of missing out) anxiety 
There’s something soothing about Sundays

At the moment I don’t get to enjoy them the way I want 

I feel like my world is on fire

I want to see 

Christmas in another country

I want to not worry

I want to love

But if i cant buy happiness I’d like to at least afford a place far enough away to escape the negativity

Hiding in my mind at the moment

I want to be better than the purpose we were born for 

And stray away from path that was most likely going to happen

I’m busy but I’ll be alright. 


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