The sound

Everyone or at least everyone knows their passions.

I however feel mine. It’s all too real.

All too scary and all too perfect.

It gives me a reason to believe that there’s good in the world, because of what I feel.

I mean we’re all only human right ?

So i know what I’m speaking of.

Music sets my soul on fire, and not having my computer turn on burns me to the core.

I’ve been suffering withdrawals from not pushing the keys on my keyboard.

But epiphanies have been prickling my mind while i sleep and I see the visions before i wake up, instruments are the next level that I shall manifest in after i completely conquer music technology.

The years ahead only keep me yearning for more vibes that are different.

The love in my life keeps me pushing to avoid their absence that gives me more time to forget about the pain that’s buried deep within my being.

But that’s when i had it all mistaken.

To not feel is to not live.

I want to live.

I’m going to live and the music that I make, and will make, will spark up a revolution that I am so ready to provoke.

I’m too tired of hearing “people like watching buildings burn”, “people don’t care”, “people have lost touch”, and other negative thoughts on how people have lost complete consciousness of the world that we live in.

I will be the prime example of what it means to connect together in unity once more before we’re all gone.

The sound cannot be ignored, the vibe cannot be forgettable, it will last for centuries after I’m gone.

I will get it all done, with time.

Patience isn’t my best asset but I will practice and excel to prove that people need an example to follow if they truly want peace, happiness, and structure in their lives.



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