I love you ( he wouldn’t)

A wicked lie coming from a someone I’d never expect Who would’ve known they would be the cause of this wreck Their whole existence is a horrid thing Since their inner hate cut off each and every wing Their lies got them here, there’s no doubt about that Maybe a daughter will arise, then the […]

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I woke up with a knot in my abdomen, A cloud sunken in a grey filled river With the reflection of my past. I spoke but nothing filled my tongue with any sound, Silence would be the epitome of an understatement. Yet deep down, I felt a ray of light that I know I’m supposed […]

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The sound

Everyone or at least everyone knows their passions. I however feel mine. It’s all too real. All too scary and all too perfect. It gives me a reason to believe that there’s good in the world, because of what I feel. I mean we’re all only human right ? So i know what I’m speaking […]

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Just you wait.

How do you stay in love? How do you stay in love with someone that’s clingy to society’s ways and how things should and shouldn’t be done? Why am I so accepting ? Why am I so accepting to the beautiful things that people can offer this world yet they don’t say a word about […]

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The littlest things

Did i ever mention how hard it is to stay positive?!? I mean like FUCK! Let me start over Do you know how good it is to not play yourself into thinking that you need to be positive all the time?! Positivity: the state or character of being Positive: a positivity that accepts the world […]

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Short and sweet 

The worlds way of showing us how simplicity is really the cure to a multitude of mislead souls, we’ve been stuck in the one track minded mental, brought to think that whatever anyone else is doing, we must do better, and boast about it through a façade of humbled behavior.. that’s not the wave… sad […]

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