A rant that has been long overdue. 

Correct me if I’m absurdly wrong but, relationships… aren’t they supposed to help people grow ? Isn’t it something that you’re supposed to hold dear and close ? Isn’t it something like let’s see …. oh .. wait.. that’s been ruined for decades, let’s be real, today’s relationships have gone to shit. One person believes […]

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If you let me. 

The long strokes of your index and middle finger send chills down my spine, after it’s all done, conversation is something I become addicted to. Your mouth filled with so much honey, while my mind pursuades me to take a lick to share your taste. There’s nothing better than this. Your imperfections speak so sensually […]

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Interesting, what else ?

Have you ever been so hungry that your stomach starts singing to your ears ?  I’m sure you have.  The thing is here, my hunger is a little different from that particular hunger.  I hear ticking in my head. My little ol’ head. It says tick tick tick tick, it’s a song that’s set on […]

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The 7 wonders 

As Fleetwoodmac said “If I live to see the 7 wonders I’ll make a path to the rainbow’s end, I’ll never live to match the beauty again” But where is the rainbow’s end exactly ?  In my opinion, I’d consider every place you’ve never been, the rainbow’s beginning and end. Due to the many colors […]

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Is it or is it not ?!?

What I believe to be the causes of death are Procrastination  Lies Hate/ jealousy  Inconsistency  Lack of ambition  Self pitying  All of these things allow people to stay behind and not progress in life, speaking of things that they wish and or want to happen, but don’t have the drive, ambition, passion, motivation, vision, and […]

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Love is too contagious !

Isn’t it crazy how love can easily become a toxin if you’d allow it to be ? It’s funny when you think of it, children and puppy love, seeing that they like each other for who they are and not for what they pretend to be. These days love is something that is very, extremely, […]

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The Talisman

Her walk: glorious Her voice: gracious Her smile: out of this world Her ambition: bigger than anyone else’s  Someone was always running towards her for advice, for comfort, for shelter, for food, for a good laugh, you name it, she was the mother to a safe haven; everything about her screamed independence.  My mother’s sister […]

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