I love you ( he wouldn’t)

A wicked lie coming from a someone I’d never expect Who would’ve known they would be the cause of this wreck Their whole existence is a horrid thing Since their inner hate cut off each and every wing Their lies got them here, there’s no doubt about that Maybe a daughter will arise, then the […]

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Nah b, hold up! 

It’s hard to not feel entitled to certain things, situations and people, due to the treatment, even objects. Anyone can say that they usually do something while their behavior has changed, whether it be with another person, situation and or thing.  Once we, as people, get comfortable with stuff being the way that they are, […]

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How come? 

She doesn’t like being upset with them .  It seems inside her blood, there’s a bailey She can’t be knocked down,  Yet her knees buckle when she thinks of them. She doesn’t like having the feelings she does.  The numb days. They were the best.  But they could never have the effect on her like […]

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Pondering multiple random words

Blinded by luscious words A wish will stay thrown up in the air while getting slapped by the turd  Nothing is as pleasant as a beautiful night  Being able to trust your own might Meaningless conversations bring me to a pause  Like teachers over analyzing a specific clause Wishing you were a flower in my […]

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Sweet release 

Pain It’ll make you go insane  Something in the brain Makes you think too much It’s like a punch  In the gut, then to the face  Suddenly I feel a need to pace  Back and forth just like these thoughts It’s a disease that needs to be fought Better off easier said than done But […]

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