Neon Surprises 

What I expanded on today: different kinds of cryptocurrencies, ICOs, decentralization, art auctions, burn your bra, conversations you weren’t invited to, adult onesies, cognitive dissonance, indie movies, International (Seoul) Fashion, I’m an okay writer, John Malone candles, everything always has room for improvement, FOMO(fear of missing out) anxiety  There’s something soothing about Sundays At the […]

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F You

Sometimes I feel I’m living life sedated, lazy, and lost. I’m not sure what I even like anymore. Not much excites me other than what I’m capable of becoming later in life if I keep working now. Love won’t wait. But maybe it wasn’t love at all. I can feel myself becoming better and burning […]

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While telly parties and getting smoked out watching Netflix sounds amazing I want to operate in a better space. This isn’t an attack on downtime but I am feeling unfulfilled. There are so many people on this planet excelling in areas that not only intrigue me, but areas I want to be involved in. Because […]

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You get back what you put out 

The world is ending ?  Possibly…  but not as of yet.  Humanity may never know; But I’m pretty sure you’re familiarized with the saying  “Take pride in what you have.” Or “take care of what you’ve got.”  Think about a toy, or a child.  Toys can break any time, any moment, ruining a child’s entertainment, […]

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