The human condition and west of division

Fighting over parking spots and other frivolous things. The DNA in most humans is actually quite terrible. The longing to have your name live on long after you’re gone. Beast in a flesh cage. Livewires grounded by the realities of humanity. Impermanence. Fear and loathing spread past Las Vegas. If you take a step back you can see the beauty in it all. Everything perfect in all the imperfections. But where do we go from here? Life. A puzzle perpetually unsolved. Every generation given a new chance to answer. Silence still. There are those of us who have the answer. Silence still. Because to answer is belonging to question. To question is to suggest an origin. An origin. A beginning. A beginning, an end. Having the answers to questions solves problems. Life may have many, and may no one find it. So that it may keep going. 

The end of the world can wait 

I’m here 


Boxed water, glassed milk and The power of incessant suggestion

(Written FEBRUARY 10, 2015 ~ Today march 29 2017)
If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. – Voltaire 
Why do people who believe stupid things, pseudo sciences, and astrology. People will base their entire interactions with someone they have never met just based on their astrological sign. Why is that okay? Axial precession exists and the shift from the wobble has everyone’s designated signs thrown off, but tell that to someone who swears up and down the stars know their fate. People feel it’s okay to complain about the way someone does something but won’t make an active effort to contribute to fixing what they complain about. People are so fast to bash everything without giving any thought to anything. It’s crazy how many people give bad yelp reviews and never have eaten at that restaurant but only heard what their friend has told them about it. It’s crazy how people can make up stories about things that never happened so easily. Our generation thinks everything they don’t understand is trash. People are lazy. People want other people to tell them what they should be doing. People want medals and notoriety for doing absolutely nothing. It’s the reason why so many arts are diluted with garbage craftsmanship as of recently. We as a generation praise the extremely untalented just so “no one feels left out”. What that does is make people stop putting in an effort to do better to perfect the craft because if I do a half-assed job and get the same reward as if I actually worked hard, why would I ever work harder to get the same praise? Everyone suffers because you have the mediocre being celebrated as great when they are far from it. People also feel they can do no work and get results like they did the work. Instant gratification for everything. How many prude ugly fat people do you see today with the highest of standards? Everyone. It’s crazy to think you can be a sloppy 400 pound female and desire an in shape partner who is the man of your dreams, and deny anyone who doesn’t fit that criteria in your head. Everything is getting worse. The mentality of people is declining. Care, effort and practice are gone out of the window. The majority of this generation drove the English language to shit with slang. Slang is a derivative, how do you not know the basics of the initial language. The majority of men can’t change a tire and majority of females can’t cook. We’ve lost all bearings to the basics but feel like we are superstars for knowing absolutely nothing.

Live life like you’re on vacation

(Written: February 5,2015)

(Today March 25,2017)

Hearing the word vacation evokes emotions that I’m pretty sure releases dopamine into your body. It’s life’s orgasm from the mundane. Is there anyone that doesn’t like vacation? How can you not like taking a break from deadlines and expectations from life? I wonder why more people actually don’t live their life like they’re on vacation. What I mean by that is exploring. Going on vacation doesn’t mean trips to Europe every six months, but I mean having your inner self go on vacation. It’s a great feeling, experiencing new food, places, activities. Most people on vacation turn into more impulsive versions of themselves, they really let their hair down, why not be that way about life all of the time? Taking risks are necessary when you want to live life. When you think about the probability of you actually having a chance to live, you have to cherish and utilize every moment of it. I’ll explain. Your parents are 2 people out of millions, who at one specific time decided to have sex at the right moment, and out of millions of other possible sperm you got there first. You could have been skeeted into a sock, napkin, throat or anus. You grew and didn’t die in the womb or during birth. You weren’t born an animal and have to worry about hunting for food or even worse being hunted to become food. You grew up and get to experience consciousness and self awareness and your most interesting hobbies are watching reality tv when you get off of work? Even more spectacular is you’re born during such a technologically advanced time period which only seems to be getting more advanced, that traveling and experiencing the world more has only gotten that much easier yet you rather find out what happens on a tv show with a fake cast of characters with a fake plot acting out a fake situation that never happened. Tv should only be used scarcely. I’m not saying television is bad but it should be used for filler time and never your main source of entertainment. It’s conditioning our generation to become that much dumber. How is it we as a species descend from scholars, aristocrats, great emperors and the like, yet we only care what crazy thing Miley Cyrus is doing this week? It scares me to know that if the world were to experience a devastating phenomenon, and we were left with the general population to rebuild, we would be beyond fucked. How many people watch tv and own a cell phone but don’t even understand the basics of how they work. Too many people are just “plug-and-go I don’t know” people. It’s important to at least understand a little about how the things we use work. I’m not advocating becoming a specialist in every area of knowing everything and becoming brainiacs, but honestly as life is progressing, the majority of people are being conditioned to become less intelligent.

Dear Society..

November 21, 2014

Today March 1st 2017

May we discuss perspectives for a second? A particular brand of clothing, Supreme NYC, released a collaboration piece with The North Face recently this past Thursday. The target demographic that patronizes the brand had every opinion on each end of the spectrum from highly desirable to wouldn’t waste their money. However, if you have ever purchased any article of clothing in real life, the envisioned fit opposed to the real life fit can be a long drastic bridge from what’s in your head, to what it looks like on you in real life. See, for everyone that doesn’t fit your standard suburban, 90% physically non threatening mold, the outcome of wearing anything possibly gang related for “fashion” purposes could lead to an entire different situation in the star-crossed world we live in. Brandon, whose parents live in pleasantville, usa can boldly wear a coat of this caliber in his neighborhood without a second thought, society accepts Brandon’s choice of self expression however he sees fit. Clap for Brandon. Jerome, who lives in brokenglassandabortedbabiesonthesidewalk, usa has to be a tad more selective in his choice of attire. Jerome personally may be a straight-A student and upstanding citizen but society is unfamiliar with Jerome. So society(police officer/gang member) may associate Jerome’s choice of jacket as offensive, even if Jerome only enjoyed the paisley design and color of the article of clothing. Society is inherently ignorant. Society feeds off of negativity and stereotypes. The equation cannot function without a variable, it matters who wears the coat. The police officer has already associated you with criminal activity although you aren’t a criminal. The gang member has already decided you are on the opposing side when he drove back the second time to shoot at you from his car. You can’t un-change either of these people’s minds. So when will it be safe for everyone to wear anything they want without the possibility of a misunderstanding from prejudging a person. No one really cares if you die once you die. You are a statistic in the census, a story on the news, a memory to friends and family, a “wow, that really happened” to strangers, suspension with pay to an officer, and stripes to an OG. What’s more important in life?

Emojigeddon -first blog post 

NOVEMBER 17, 2014 
(Today: 2/23/2017 the emojis that are water guns now were actual gun emojis in the 2014 post and there were no diverse emojis in 2014 yet) 
We get it we get it, you gotta keep it 💯💯💯 all day everyday, but at what cost? As humans we condense and consolidate to the point we now communicate primarily through pictures to describe our emotions. It was only bound to happen right? History repeats itself and hieroglyphics were basically emojis for Egyptians🐪🐫🐪🐫. Has anyone died yet from carrying out a threat with emojis?🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪 I wish these niggas would respect my G they see me banging and set trippin wit these emojis. Don’t get it fucked up, a picture is worth a thousand words and these emojis will get your life took lil nigga. Personally I’m not a Stan when it comes to using them day to day, currently I average about 3-5 emojis a day and that’s pushing it. I’m hoping they do a study correlating low IQ and frequent emoji use to prove my point the more emojis you use personally the more likely it is you have nothing to say of any substance. And why are there no black emojis still? Shortage on brown pixels or subliminal Asian shade being thrown? Until this generation rides a new wave I guess emojis will be a staple in the way we text for years to come, stay verified young thugs and thuggettes✅

We’re writing a book, that has nothing to do with this post 

I saw opportunity for a better life in her pussy so I came 

We could fuck for days. 

“Please impress me,”she said. 

Feeling stuck always has me questioning, could hell really be worse?

Passing feels around like STDs,
I’ve infected you with my mood I see. 

Screaming at the top of my lungs, you can’t control us, you won’t control us 

You invented the game, I’m just here to play 

Impatient, complacent, and unappreciated 

Orgasms being the closest I’ll get to starships

Six senses

Six dimensions 

Six sides to this story, you’ve got the devil in your eyes 

Unholy trinity 

So human, unable to comprehend more

So human, everything needs a name

So human, enlightenment frightens you

So much more to this world you call a home and yet you still only see the surface

Hedonistic Hymns of the Hood

As much love as I have for you unconditionally, why do you remind me everyday how much I should hate you, 

You owe me, dont try to do better than me, don’t do better than me, I’m not going to be happy for you, I promise, don’t leave me here, lonely, you promise? 
More fraudulent than their pre-distressed denim, to them it’s a religion, tru, but I’m losing mine everytime I look at you.
You never took those drugs,
 or went to those parties, 
you have no stories, 
your existence irrelevant in my universe.

Insecurity all around, you can’t find the importance in your existence but you can find it behind the brands on the nearest broad street,  new clothes for new haters, so many of them, who lost? 

Then we take pictures and smile in them. Are you really as happy as you look in the photo? 

Jesus stood next to Judas, moments immortalized right before your eyes, but make sure you know who you’re standing next to before they start shooting, pictures. 

So what are you into? “Making myself seem interesting on the internet”, in my own matrix I shush and outcast those who scream for Zion, because first, I need to take a selfie, and just my luck, the make up covers up my low sense of self-worth, connected to a cellphone the entire day, I didn’t think it was possible to be 2 places at once until now, we’re here, but your mind is there, creating this alternative reality right before more eyes, are you even real? 

Blew my chips on this bitch I went half on a kid with at an early age. What’s the difference between a few months and forever? Half of everything you have, peace of mind and precious time? Deals with the devil because of how I’m raised. I don’t control my feelings, they control me, so I have no accountability for anything I do. I see the ship sinking, I feel the water, but I rather throw a party than save myself. Raise, Rinse, Repeat. We won’t escape the same hell that gave us the motivation to leave, because even the devil has wings and demons inherently, so I wonder even though we’re stuck down here, were we at one point amongst the clouds in heaven? Maybe so long ago no one remembers? Live for the moment I guess. 

The Ghosts of New York City

I remember the first time I finally managed to fall in love, it was with myself, then this idea, then you. Twisted love stories told by wilted magnolias down by the bodega on the corner. Your house on the hill is your top floor apartment, no one can see you cry up there, and if your tears should ever fall from the top floor and escape your window, please convince the pedestrians below that it is just another rainy day, and that too shall pass. 

You hold the key to my heart but the only thing on your mind it seems when you let yourself in was robbery, and after everything was in shambles I didn’t ask for the key back. 

And these are the ways things have always been and the horizon of the way things will always be.

We were a puzzle, putting everything together and couldn’t see we didn’t have all the pieces as we got towards the end … I’m still glad we started everything… because I go back and look at what almost was…

but it’s too late now.

You promised me you wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else, but I can’t help feeling this feeling you lied, it’s your eyes my medusa, and the melodic hypnotic sound when you speak with them, like the wipers on your windshield fighting the rain, one kiss and I’m rock stiff … 


🎧 Free Music

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Can you see the stars from Hell? 

Hate those relationships where you lose yourself in another person, not in a good way either, the ones where you slowly become bitter and overweight just settling everyday, drifting further and further away from happiness, just slipping between the cracks of society and life, where most of us end up. 

Bad relationships are dead-end jobs. All of the motivation and positive outlooks that you can ever have wont be enough to cover the small canvas a bad relationship offers. Bad relationships are bad foundations. Looking back to the dead-end job analogy, imagine my goal is to eventually make a million dollars(a million dollars being a figurative representation for happiness), but I have chosen employment at a fast food chain. Day in and day out I could do everything required of me to be the best fast food chain cashier in the nation, but still fall short of making anything near a seven-figure salary. 
Relationships are about the potential the union and bond possesses and the potential you personally possess. When both you and another person(s) are genuine in efforts to reach goals, the stars align and the possibilities of reaching true happiness and beyond are unlimited. Bad relationships are employer/employee type relationships. They are “what do you have to offer” relationships(employer) in exchange for temporary benefit(monetary paycheck at the end of the week that will never allow you to reach your million dollar goal). Great relationships are joint endeavors that go beyond just being a job, they are the “career relationships.” 
Too many people get into a relationship to fill a temporary void of being lonely, or looking lonely, this is the equivalent of taking a job just so you can pay bills. If you had the discipline to save money (build personal high-self esteem), you wouldn’t feel the need to jump at every job opportunity a.k.a. “that person you shouldn’t date but you do just because you feel like you can’t do better.” 
Even though hell is dark, you still can’t see the stars at night.