A gift to myself

It hurts worse the longer it’s been Sorrow is quicksand I feel that I’m sinking but I just don’t care to save myself  The same thing that made me feel so alive is now killing me slow depression, loneliness  Suffocation With Love Until Eternity XO Advertisements

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Dead Goldfish

What I’m watching/watched: Photography basics, Suits season 1, The Lobster, Vice abduction BDSM, etc. What makes a show “good?”                                         I. Theres this feeling of freedom that comes with “going out” at the end of the […]

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Live life like you’re on vacation

(Written: February 5,2015) (Today March 25,2017) Hearing the word vacation evokes emotions that I’m pretty sure releases dopamine into your body. It’s life’s orgasm from the mundane. Is there anyone that doesn’t like vacation? How can you not like taking a break from deadlines and expectations from life? I wonder why more people actually don’t […]

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Dear Society..

November 21, 2014 Today March 1st 2017 May we discuss perspectives for a second? A particular brand of clothing, Supreme NYC, released a collaboration piece with The North Face recently this past Thursday. The target demographic that patronizes the brand had every opinion on each end of the spectrum from highly desirable to wouldn’t waste […]

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Emojigeddon -first blog post 

NOVEMBER 17, 2014  (Today: 2/23/2017 the emojis that are water guns now were actual gun emojis in the 2014 post and there were no diverse emojis in 2014 yet)  We get it we get it, you gotta keep it 💯💯💯 all day everyday, but at what cost? As humans we condense and consolidate to the […]

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Hedonistic Hymns of the Hood

As much love as I have for you unconditionally, why do you remind me everyday how much I should hate you,  You owe me, dont try to do better than me, don’t do better than me, I’m not going to be happy for you, I promise, don’t leave me here, lonely, you promise?  More fraudulent […]

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The Ghosts of New York City

I remember the first time I finally managed to fall in love, it was with myself, then this idea, then you. Twisted love stories told by wilted magnolias down by the bodega on the corner. Your house on the hill is your top floor apartment, no one can see you cry up there, and if […]

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🎧 Free Music

Started writing for a new site itmustbejam.com under Elliot Wolf , the link contains all contact info, would appreciate the support and feedback, first article was on The New Toronto 2 Tory Lanez mixtape , hit the link and let me know what you think. 

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