You get back what you put out 

The world is ending ? 


but not as of yet. 

Humanity may never know;

But I’m pretty sure you’re familiarized with the saying 

“Take pride in what you have.” Or “take care of what you’ve got.” 

Think about a toy, or a child. 

Toys can break any time, any moment, ruining a child’s entertainment, and possible best friend. 

(Teddy bears, stuffed animals, robotic dogs;etc) 

Now devise in your head a child being raised by two unfit parents…. 

that child will grow into an adult, and have a unethical mindset, unethical morals, and a full blown out unethical behavior. Yet it could always turn around when the influencers of the world were able to do good, and project happiness, and beauty through everything that they do; the child wouldn’t be at risk at this point. 

But that’s not the case. 

At least it hasn’t been for the longest time. 

What you give out in the world, is exactly what the world, and the generality of people that are surrounding you, will give you. 

Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia have been taking America by storm, apart from Mexico and The Caribbean. 

Humanity has become so numb to crucial news and alerts that it’s almost as if they’re okay with walking around blinded by local media 

Because they’re not fully informed. 

The worlds begging us to take a second and look, 

Look through to the other side and see the earth’s point of view

She’s hurting

She’s sad

And she’s dying slowly.

All because of us. Our human race.

They are greedy, with the hope that they can always make something better.

Which I support…..

To a certain extent of course

NASA explains that the space data that was used back in 2010 due to the heavy oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and 2015 data became easier to be assayed, only to point out that the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal just proves that the world is getting worse. 

People want to make moves but can’t make plans. 

The only way for a better world, is a conscious humanity. 

The term “woke” couldn’t ever be compared to those that are awake and suffering along with the world. 

Global warming isn’t a joke, it shouldn’t be played out as if it is one. 

Banding together to fix a problem is the only way we could make the world and our communities better. Before blaming your local councilmen and the congress, make sure you’re able to make a change as well. 

Majority of us “humans” can attest, and claim guilty, to littering, and harming Mother Nature. Yet in that sense, you think we’d be able to get back on track and learn from our mistakes no? 

It’s become a habit, and an abominable one too. 

But to break it, we’d have to encourage each other, not to be incogitant about bettering our communities/world, but to be open minded to the fact that we’d be able to have a great elysium if we stop bashing people for doing good and having ideas. 

You get back, what you put out. 


What do these memories mean?

The same way I invite people in to ruin my life

I can find purpose in the pain if I work through it 

You see the best in people 

I expect the worst 

Can we meet somewhere in the middle 

The only other option was death or a dull life, I kept going

Never fall victim to the vices set before you, posted at every milestone

Forever uncomfortable 

living in-between the lines 

Funny how people never get around to living life 

The spider, the fly, and the witness 

Looking back at the life you never had 

It’ll eat you alive in the end.

The human condition and west of division

Fighting over parking spots and other frivolous things. The DNA in most humans is actually quite terrible. The longing to have your name live on long after you’re gone. Beast in a flesh cage. Livewires grounded by the realities of humanity. Impermanence. Fear and loathing spread past Las Vegas. If you take a step back you can see the beauty in it all. Everything perfect in all the imperfections. But where do we go from here? Life. A puzzle perpetually unsolved. Every generation given a new chance to answer. Silence still. There are those of us who have the answer. Silence still. Because to answer is belonging to question. To question is to suggest an origin. An origin. A beginning. A beginning, an end. Having the answers to questions solves problems. Life may have many, and may no one find it. So that it may keep going. 

The end of the world can wait 

I’m here 

Waiting for my idols to die

As Saturday falls into Sunday I don’t want to be celebrated

I want to be appreciated 

I’m so anxious, 

Millions of cells with a thought for each one 

Who am I going to ruin my life over today

And in what way

And then I stop myself

These were my younger years

I don’t expect you to understand me

But I respect that you try

I’ve made a habit of labeling the unimportant as urgent until a revaluation, no! A revelation of relevance relabeled me, 

And look I am reborn!

But the cup is now half empty, but I am not sad because there is still a thirst to be quenched and a cup for me.

Then there’s her…
Why are you afraid to be who you really are in front of others 

Make sure they love all of you, even your shadow

She does…

And I love her back.

I remember all of the things I went without just to be with

Even the stars burn out after so long 

Love cycles/Hate cycles

You can live forever if you never existed, god

At the end of every week, every month, every year…

A new one! 

Since birth I have been propelled forward from the past, I have been happy, been bitter, been blessed, been loved, been lost, but never better than I am right now to close my eyes and drift from this gift 

Wherever you’re going
Have fun and take care

Pablo Escobar Picasso 

(October 5 2015)

(April 18 2017)

A kiss like this is the essence of existence….
Women like you just need hugs and drugs….
Look at “bullshit” creeping around the corner, I see you…. and I’m going the other way. Always a petition to get my attention, no we can’t be friends, aqquintences or anything of the sort, nothing. I don’t know you, I DONT WANT TO KNOW YOU. 
I’ve always been more interested connecting with humans on a more human level, take away the decadence, the extras, the money, the busyness, like Picasso’s theory of the bull, just the essentials of what makes being human….actually human. 
I’ve never been less interested in the unnecessary excess baggage some humans fuse their soul with and project into the world. Why is it hard to separate us from our things, or our place in society from our personal beliefs? When did personal opinions become the law of the land. Life for the longest time has been chemistry, but what does that actually mean? What are the basic elements of what it means to be human? Remove ethics, the “what’s innately right or wrong” argument, materialism, convenience and what is left? Has what it means to be a person been so far removed from us because of everything we have diluted our existence with? We worry about Starbucks, the new iPhone and what our coworkers think about us, but what does that even matter? Is worrying about new stuff and validation from others, all life is meant to be? Genuine sentiment in examination … Maybe it’s not about the “what someone did” but maybe it’s the “why someone did” what they did. Maybe justice shouldn’t be how well you can sell your innocence to 12. We are quick to crucify but claim we believe in karma and don’t give karma time to cook. Is there a higher power or is this all happenchance? 

The funky era aka my playlist

  1. The Stylistics- you make me feel brand new
  2. The Temptations- Beauty’s only skin deep
  3. The Chi-lites- Have you seen her 
  4. The O’Jays- Love train
  5. Smokey Robinson- Ooh baby baby
  6. Aretha Franklin- (you make me feel like) a natural woman
  7. Patti Labelle- on my own
  8. Cher and sonny- I got you babe
  9. The Spinners- I’ll be around
  10. The Four Tops- baby I need your lovin’
  11. The Persuaders- Thin line (between love and hate)
  12. Aaron Neville- Tell it like it is
  13. James Brown- this is a man’s world
  14. Etta James- all I could do was cry
  15. Martha & The Vandellas- heatwave 
  16. Heat Wave- always and forever
  17. Stevie Wonder- Master Blaster
  18. Martin Gaye- what’s goin’ on
  19. Diana Ross- come see about me 
  20. Gladys Knight and The Pips- midnight train to Georgia
  21. Al Greene- love and happiness

    I strongly encourage people to listen to most, if not all, of these songs. . The message coming from each and every one of them is just simply amazing. Music isn’t made how it used to be made . Today’s music couldn’t be compared to yesterday’s.  Hope you all enjoy.