No Anchors

I feel like sometimes life is full of tentacles and these tentacles are commitments that we attach ourselves to over time and throughout our lives. These attachments have the capability to weigh us down eventually. That’s every promise inked in blood, deeper and deeper into the mud you go. That’s not to say that all commitment is terrible, and in fact, some build character and define us. But in the same breath I don’t want to be defined by the things I own on the outside, I want to be defined by everything I hold on the inside. It’s this beautiful gift called memories that really allow me to float when things feel too heavy. Even if I don’t have you, I had you. That’s what really matters. In life you’re supposed to get things right the first time, but more than likely the first time we won’t get things right. Maybe that’s where the idea of G*d comes in. In the mistakes and inherit nature of being human and how mistakes mean death for those we feel lesser than us, even sometimes those that look just like us. G*d can be many things to many people, but the concept of a higher power filling in the gaps to things we can’t fathom, process, or have answers to…


Puntin’ the almighty bucket….going .. going ..going…ITS GOOD!

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 

(Today 2/27/2017 – somewhere south responding to email for an interview with a print and online magazine to possibly write for them, currently have 2 paid writing positions) 
From the minute you are conceived, inherently you are beginning to die. Amazing world we live in right? Ready or not the timer on how long you have on this planet is ticking before you even are aware of an existence outside of an internal cavity in your mother. My personal speculation on why we aren’t classified as 9months old when we are born is because technically fetuses aren’t classified as human, but that’s another debate on ethics within itself(save for later). Since we are aware that we are living to die, why do we intentionally or unintentionally waste time not doing the things we really want to do? We wait our entire lives to retire to be able to do things we dream of doing only to arrive at the conclusion we are too old or too tired to care anymore. Being the age to retire means new problems you may have not had several decades ago. How many times have you heard a coworker retire after talking about traveling only to pass away a week after retiring. The joke is on you. Life literally stops for no one. Life does not care about your situation or well-being. Life can be your biggest adversary if you let it. Why wait until you’re full of arthritis and lung cancer to run along the coastlines of the beautiful beach in that beautiful country you’ve always wanted to be. The majority of regret from people who are old comes from not what they DID do in the past, but what they DIDN’T DO. The big “What If” will drive you insane when you know you let an opportunity for a different path in life to travel by you. Stability is important but “Seek opportunity, not security. A boat in harbor is safe, but in time its bottom will rot out.” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.