Dead Goldfish

What I’m watching/watched: Photography basics, Suits season 1, The Lobster, Vice abduction BDSM, etc. What makes a show “good?”                                         I. Theres this feeling of freedom that comes with “going out” at the end of the […]

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Summer sunsets at 7:45pm

Burn in hell An end to your human experience is inevitable, but how you go and where you go is still up for debate. Does pain and pleasure really get triggered by the same censors? I’m not trying to raise hell like some cenobite but why does each extreme feel so extraordinary on opposing ends […]

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No Anchors

I feel like sometimes life is full of tentacles and these tentacles are commitments that we attach ourselves to over time and throughout our lives. These attachments have the capability to weigh us down eventually. That’s every promise inked in blood, deeper and deeper into the mud you go. That’s not to say that all […]

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No time for clothes in the house,  or anymore monday mornings in my life,  Always alive at so dead an hour Crypt walking I’ve got the blues, My eyes swell, the tears turn to blood,  Again I realize I’m just a jester looking for a king’s love These are my primary problems  In a world […]

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One of the most life altering statements I’ve ever heard in my life came from a childhood friend at a theme park, who I unfortunately have lost contact with. Age:12 Place: six flags Ride: free fall Person proposing the question: best friend at the time  HIM: “Why are you standing exactly where it tells you […]

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