There’s something subtly intimidating about this woman, fully aware of herself, how beautiful she is, as well as how much she knows and understands. It’s dark where I came from, but I don’t believe that’s the reason why she’s here. The absence of light in my world made it easier to find her, she was glowing like some stars certain souls seek to see on the playground. There are millions of creative critiques dedicated to detailing women that lovers have loved, will love, and will never love again, but it’s different when these words are yours, the time is hers, and the love is ours. 

More fascinated with this firefly than many other avenues that bid my attention , I can’t help but to notice how beautiful you are. Flashing light against a falling sky, you helped me capture a perfect picture in the wake of dying day and new night. 

Your face fills my heart with hope knowing that someone so beautiful belongs to this world. It’s in your dishevelment and distance from make up that has me fixated and incessantly infatuated. Under your skin is a tinge of luminescence, you light up and I cannot look away. If I am to be bound by mortality, I pray to every god imaginable and unknown that in the journey through eternity I am blessed with more encounters with your soul. 

Always and Forever, I love you(r glow)


Sexual orientation: The myth

Written feb 1st 2015
Today March 20th 2017
As of recently there are 101 plus ways to classify what makes you get turned on. That’s not important. What is important is how much effort other people display in giving a fuck about what goes on in your life. What’s even funnier is how it’s typically people who feel they are holier than thou. Are you a Jesus? Last time I checked Jesus said to love your brother and don’t harbor hate, yet here you are picketing God hates fags as if you’re some ordained prophet. I hate people who sin 6 days a week and think they can be forgiven on the 7th day just because you showed up. How do you harbor hate for others and claim you’re sin free? It’s not your call, and has never been your call. This world would be noticeably different if everyone wasn’t so busy worrying about what other people are doing. Reality shows exists because our generation is that much into worrying about other people we don’t know. You’ll never get that hour of your life back worrying about what goes on in someone else’s life. Just like you won’t get that time back worrying about someone else’s sexual orientation. Moral to the story of life: mind your own business and be courteous to others.