You get back what you put out 

The world is ending ? 


but not as of yet. 

Humanity may never know;

But I’m pretty sure you’re familiarized with the saying 

“Take pride in what you have.” Or “take care of what you’ve got.” 

Think about a toy, or a child. 

Toys can break any time, any moment, ruining a child’s entertainment, and possible best friend. 

(Teddy bears, stuffed animals, robotic dogs;etc) 

Now devise in your head a child being raised by two unfit parents…. 

that child will grow into an adult, and have a unethical mindset, unethical morals, and a full blown out unethical behavior. Yet it could always turn around when the influencers of the world were able to do good, and project happiness, and beauty through everything that they do; the child wouldn’t be at risk at this point. 

But that’s not the case. 

At least it hasn’t been for the longest time. 

What you give out in the world, is exactly what the world, and the generality of people that are surrounding you, will give you. 

Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia have been taking America by storm, apart from Mexico and The Caribbean. 

Humanity has become so numb to crucial news and alerts that it’s almost as if they’re okay with walking around blinded by local media 

Because they’re not fully informed. 

The worlds begging us to take a second and look, 

Look through to the other side and see the earth’s point of view

She’s hurting

She’s sad

And she’s dying slowly.

All because of us. Our human race.

They are greedy, with the hope that they can always make something better.

Which I support…..

To a certain extent of course

NASA explains that the space data that was used back in 2010 due to the heavy oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and 2015 data became easier to be assayed, only to point out that the Gorkha earthquake in Nepal just proves that the world is getting worse. 

People want to make moves but can’t make plans. 

The only way for a better world, is a conscious humanity. 

The term “woke” couldn’t ever be compared to those that are awake and suffering along with the world. 

Global warming isn’t a joke, it shouldn’t be played out as if it is one. 

Banding together to fix a problem is the only way we could make the world and our communities better. Before blaming your local councilmen and the congress, make sure you’re able to make a change as well. 

Majority of us “humans” can attest, and claim guilty, to littering, and harming Mother Nature. Yet in that sense, you think we’d be able to get back on track and learn from our mistakes no? 

It’s become a habit, and an abominable one too. 

But to break it, we’d have to encourage each other, not to be incogitant about bettering our communities/world, but to be open minded to the fact that we’d be able to have a great elysium if we stop bashing people for doing good and having ideas. 

You get back, what you put out. 


No Anchors

I feel like sometimes life is full of tentacles and these tentacles are commitments that we attach ourselves to over time and throughout our lives. These attachments have the capability to weigh us down eventually. That’s every promise inked in blood, deeper and deeper into the mud you go. That’s not to say that all commitment is terrible, and in fact, some build character and define us. But in the same breath I don’t want to be defined by the things I own on the outside, I want to be defined by everything I hold on the inside. It’s this beautiful gift called memories that really allow me to float when things feel too heavy. Even if I don’t have you, I had you. That’s what really matters. In life you’re supposed to get things right the first time, but more than likely the first time we won’t get things right. Maybe that’s where the idea of G*d comes in. In the mistakes and inherit nature of being human and how mistakes mean death for those we feel lesser than us, even sometimes those that look just like us. G*d can be many things to many people, but the concept of a higher power filling in the gaps to things we can’t fathom, process, or have answers to…

Public School

I wonder why we never learned law in school 

Algebra and geometry for most kids who just worry about getting an annual raise based on their performance at what’s really just another job, diapers aren’t cheap and I think she’s cheating, I’m not sure

I wonder why they never teach us how to love, or not to divorce at the first sign of problems, why not teach us how to fall out of love too

Why not teach us about managing our money, saving more than you spend, how to be polite to other people and let things go, 

They don’t teach us taxes or how to deal with dying from cancer, or how not to die from cancer 

That even though u don’t want to, you still have to go 

What about buying a car, a house?

12 years of school and when I graduate I don’t have any of the basic fundamentals that are required to be an average adult

Oh well

Real Men Hit Women

(In retrospect, this was my first “clickbait” headline and I didn’t even realize it, semi-rant)

(Written: feb 3,2015)

(Today: march 24,2017)

If you were not born a man, DO NOT have a concrete definition on what being a man is, it’s that simple. You’re not a “real man” falls under many poverty bitch inspired mantras like “I’m a grown ass woman.” If you have to inject profanity and bad grammar into descriptions about yourself, it automatically disqualifies you as a mature adult. Too many females feel they can get away with murder. In what lifetime can you agitate, become an aggressor, strike another human being and expect the patience and loving kindness of Jesus to be bestowed upon you. In a perfect world, no one should put their hands on anyone. Are you that mentally incompetent? You can either express yourself in a disagreement calmly or just calmly diffuse a frivolous argument and walk away. No argument between adults ever should have to result in a psychical altercation, however; man, woman, tranny or animal, if you decide to strike me, be prepared for me to swing for the sky. Too many times do I hear the cry for equality, yet you equally cannot control your emotions to the point you feel it’s okay to hit someone. Don’t cry equality because you want to sleep with everyone and be labeled a stronger woman for being a whore. There needs to be a “human standard” not a biological gender role standard that has been antiquated for quite some time now. Common decency and common sense. Common sense says I should not walk down an alley in the bad area of town in nothing on but a thong and bra because …. Welp there’s a higher chance bad shit might happen, yet feminism would like to advocate for these ditzy bitches like even though she precipitated every dumb thing you can do in that situation “she wasn’t asking for it.” Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t know everyone’s parents but growing up everyone should have been taught if you hang out with certain people, wear certain clothes, people might label you as apart of a certain group whether you are or are not. People judge other people every day. We don’t live in a perfect world. This is not a man vs woman issue. It is an issue dealing with doing what makes sense in certain situations. I believe in Darwinism and believe ethics are what allowed idiots to continue breeding for so long. Society can move towards a path of a possible utopian society IF we would realize we are only as strong as our weakest link in society. That leaves us either with genuinely helping the people who struggle to do better overall as a human being or cutting them off all together. Give a man a job and show him how to earn a dollar rather than giving him a dollar and letting him squander it away. I would hope to see a day were people really do care about social issues collectively but honestly just don’t see it happening at the rate this species operates.

I did not ask ….

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 

(Today: 2/26/2017)
There are numerous things that make me angry.

(1.People who block primary means of entering/exiting a facility with blatant disregard for anyone else)(2.People who ask (stupid)questions they either know the answer to or could have been solved with light research using minimal effort)(3.Incessant complainers) The list really does go on but over the years these “triggers” have declined. I’ve, through maturing, have been able to identify the characteristics of situations that trigger said rage in order to avoid them or deal with them properly. However, the “unwarranted advice/comments/suggestions” situation appears to occur rather frequently as of late, almost a little too frequently. If I personally do not ask you a question why are you answering me? If I do not initiate an inquiry why do you feel it is okay to bestow your perspective upon me? If I do not petition your participation, please do not feel free to chip in. I am not an advocate of anti-social behavior but I fully support speak when spoken to. Everyone has something to say about everything ALL OF THE TIME. This situation is made all the worse when people bravely and openly recite a anecdotal novel of incorrect information on a topic they know nothing about. This is 2014, there is google, libraries are free, the knowledge is out there if you care to look. If you don’t care to look, please don’t say anything, that would be your personal contribution to society and making it a better place. It halts the continuation of misinformation. Whenever you get the urge to share information please be observant of the questions you should ask yourself before 1. Would anyone care about what I’m about to say 2. Did anyone ask me to share this information? …. If the answer to both of these questions were no… SHUT THE FUCK UP